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2022 Recap: The Software Trends That Defined the Year

As 2022 is coming to a close, we discuss the major software trends we've observed over the year. Would you add anything to the list?
Daniel Zacharias

Beatriz Figueiredo

January 13, 2023
software trends 2022

The world has changed dramatically during the last few years, primarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses have had to adjust to rapidly changing market conditions, and the software industry is no exception. Despite being in a slightly better position than other sectors, it couldn’t avoid spending cuts, project delays, and hiring challenges.

However, IT kept recovering at a rapid pace throughout 2022. Thanks to the growing number of software trends, we are leaving behind a year full of technological advances. Let’s look at the top software trends that defined the year 2022.  

AI establishes as a standard

Artificial Intelligence isn’t just a trend anymore. It’s here to stay, and 2022 proved it to us. The worldwide artificial intelligence (AI) market hit $387.45 billion this year! Due to its widespread use in many industries, including healthcare, banking, education, automated testing, code generation, and other fields, AI technology is becoming a standard for successful businesses.

Many examples, from chatbots to AI language models, illustrate that AI is a dominant force that will continue to grow for many years. More precisely, as of 2022, a whopping 80% of businesses employ chatbots! Also, the most potent language model, GPT-3, has been undergoing updates this year. We can expect its successor GPT-4 and its remarkable characteristics, such as an advanced approach to text development and computer coding, in the near future. 

Increased demand for cybersecurity experts

Cyberattacks are still a significant concern. Many businesses, including major ones like Microsoft and Crypto, experienced numerous attacks during the year. Additionally, most companies are currently undertaking a digital transition, increasing their vulnerability. As a result, many businesses began devoting more time and resources to maintaining their network security.

In 2022, this trend centered around developing suitable cybersecurity strategies, resulting in an increased demand for cybersecurity experts. Organizations abandoned the defensive approach and began concentrating on threat prevention. Now, it’s about avoiding attacks rather than fixing the damage after an incident.

Blockchain implementation in content streaming

Many people are familiar with blockchain as the technology that supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, its potential applications are substantially broader, including digital “smart” contracts, security reinforcement, identity theft prevention, and more. One of the reasons blockchain is becoming increasingly popular is that it allows actions in the digital world without requiring a third-party mediator.

Video streaming using blockchain is another software trend that we have been observing in 2022. Several companies like Livepeer and Theta are providing blockchain-based solutions for creating apps with live videos and decentralized video streaming. Since these platforms guarantee increased privacy, we expect to see even broader usage in the future.

Automation of processes is higher than ever

The increased usage of process automation software is one of the most significant changes in the software industry in 2022. Humans now account for 58% of all work, with machines managing the remaining 42%. More than ever, companies automate repetitive processes to save time and money.

Initially, large organizations were the primary users of process automation software. However, this approach is now being adopted by small and medium-sized businesses as well. As a result, there is a growing need for software development services. Many firms are therefore opting for staff augmentation services to set up and manage their automation of processes.

Brands master the art of augmented reality

In 2022, augmented reality (AR) continued demonstrating that we can modify our reality and smartly use real-world surroundings for digital purposes. AR is present in various fields, including the automotive industry, navigation, retail, manufacturing, video games, and medicine. With 1.1 billion mobile AR user devices globally, it’s a trend that people notice year after year.

Much of this popularity is the consequence of the pandemic and the emergence of new target markets. Of course, we’re referring to Gen Z and Millennials, who embrace and often demand to interact with brands digitally. Thus, we are seeing innovative AR implementations. More companies, including various retailers like Ikea and Lego, offer augmented reality (AR) experiences to improve customer experience and boost sales.

Rise of cloud computing usage

Cloud computing is a $90 billion field that is only growing. Hybrid clouds and multi-clouds are becoming commonplace. We’re also seeing a rise in technical solutions, such as GCP Anthos and AWS Outposts. Additionally, more businesses are noticing the importance of having a dedicated location for all their digital resources and data.

Data management and storage simplicity are the main reasons for this growing interest in a cloud-based environment. Moreover, it supports secure remote work practices, which have become standard for many companies. Cloud databases undoubtedly deserve a spot on this list since they foster digital innovation while providing organizations with much-needed flexibility and security.

Above, we talked about some of the software trends that defined 2022. However, these are far from the only advancements in the software sector. Information technology is a constantly evolving field. This quick-changing industry always develops new tools, technology, and creative concepts.

Overall, the software world continued to improve in 2022. Processes are becoming more effective, safe, and efficient thanks to the new implementation of trends like AI, cybersecurity, and AR. Hence, we have every reason to believe that these patterns will continue to be prevalent in 2023 and for many years to come. Check out our articles on Martech and Fintech 2023 trends to stay up to date, learn about market demands, and steer your business in the right direction.

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