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5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource in Times of Crisis

Be it a recession, a pandemic, or a destructive alien invasion (ideally not), outsourcing can help your business remain standing.
Daniel Zacharias

Mike Maschwitz

February 1, 2024

Be it a recession, a pandemic, or a destructive alien invasion (ideally not), outsourcing can help your business remain standing. This is because, in a nutshell, you can keep the team members you don’t have to dismiss happy and focused while concurrently not spending an arm, a leg, a tooth, and a claw on particular skills.

In this article, I’ll explore five primary reasons why this is so, starting with how it’ll help your current team members:

1. Keep your current staff from burning out

Let’s face it, in times of crisis, we often overburden our top performers to make ends meet. This was particularly true during the COVID-19 pandemic when many small businesses felt the sting of increased costs and a loss of income. 

Various factors were at play here, including:

  • the loss of tourism.
  • the movement restrictions causing the loss of walk-in customers.
  • the general fear people had about going out.
  • government restrictions on opening hours.
  • import restrictions which forced business owners to “shop locally”.

As a result, businesses may have had to retrench workers. This leaves the remaining staff, those we consider the best, overworked and soon-to-be burnt out. Outsourcing solves this issue by taking the burden off of these staff members. 

2. Key team members can focus on what’s important

Because these individuals aren’t overburdened with the work of three or more people, they can focus on their strategic priorities.

For example, if your marketing manager acted as a copywriter, they can take a breather. They won’t have to write all those SEO-optimized articles anymore. You can outsource a web content writer for that!

This also means they can continue bringing the excellent value they initially brought to your business.

And they’re much less likely to quit. 

Studies show that burnt-out team members are likelier to leave a business. This is particularly true if they feel undervalued, which is expected to happen in times of crisis when you might not be able to adequately compensate them for the work they do. 

This isn’t even mentioning how employee loyalty has decreased dramatically over the years.

Your staff is much less likely to stick it out during the hard times than they would have been 20 years ago. Keeping team members happy has never been more critical. 

3. Get access to world-class skills at a fraction of the cost

This statement may come to the detriment of future job applicants, but: outsourcing is significantly cheaper than a full-time employee. And this is especially true if you’re outsourcing from countries with weaker currencies. 

There is a wide range of high-value skills that’ll be at your disposal; some of these might include:

  • Artificial intelligence software integration.
  • Animation and video creation.
  • Web design.
  • Digital marketing & SEO.
  • Software development.

And you’d be able to do so without compromising on quality. Because your outsourcing scope isn’t limited, you can employ anyone from anywhere. A bank of world-class skills is just a few clicks away. This is the digital era for you!

While some or all of these skills may already be available locally, they will undoubtedly be costly. 

4. Cash out on an “as needed” basis

Another great thing about outsourcing, not just during a pandemic but generally, is that you can use the services you want, as needed. It’s very efficient, cost-wise and time-wise.

Let’s look at an example:

Consider Bill. He’s a digital marketing agency owner who, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, has had to let go of some key staff members, including an SEO specialist. Six months have passed since then, and he’s been feeling the sting of not having anyone with SEO expertise to optimize his website.

As a result, he’s been losing even more business, which is compounding on what he’s already lost. In this situation, Bill would greatly benefit from outsourcing. This way, he can still complete the necessary work while avoiding the cost of employing someone full-time. 

5. Did I mention greater efficiency?

Efficiency is a crucial aspect of outsourcing, contributing to its effectiveness during times of crisis.

Outsourced teams are often more efficient than your own team members. 

This is mainly because, as a client, they want to do a good job and ensure repeat business. While team members can become apathetic with time (albeit not necessarily so), outsourced jobs are often done on strict deadlines and tight agreements.

In this case, you’re the customer, and the outsourcing business has to appease the old adage: “The customer is always right.” 

Capitalizing on the digital age 

The digital age has created new opportunities for business owners. Instead of being left in dire straits, businesses can develop alternate strategies using the resources made available to them by the global market. Businesses can save money, benefit from the undisputed efficiency of effective outsourced teams, and keep their crucial staff content.

It’s never been a more secure (albeit complicated) time for budding entrepreneurs. 

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