A human approach to hiring

Most outsourcing businesses in the market are taking the automation route for talent recruitment. But we aren’t the average software development outsourcing company – and our approach to hiring reflects that. At Code Power, we’re dedicated to putting people first and creating a culture of inclusivity and respect where everyone can thrive.

That’s why we use a hand-picked approach to recruiting, where we focus on people over quantity. We’ve built a comprehensive and people-first hiring process guided by empathy, communication, and understanding that values both technical excellence and personal abilities. That’s the way in which we can make sure that we collaborate not only with the best engineers, but with like-minded people that wish to put their passion and curiosity to work.

Hand-picked vs automated hiring

With more and more companies using AI automation for talent acquisition, you might be wondering why we’ve decided to keep using a hand-picked approach. To truly understand our decision, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each approach.

At Code Power, we embraced the hand-picked approach because we don’t hire by the numbers. In our eyes, automated hiring oversimplifies the complex process of evaluating candidates and tends to overlook important qualitative factors that may be harder to quantify. That’s why we prefer to manually assess each application we get to really know the person behind it.


Hand-picked hiring at a glance

Involves a human touch throughout all stages of the process.

Prioritizes personal connections and empathy.

Can lead to a more diverse and inclusive team.

Takes more time than the automated approach.

Allows for a more nuanced evaluation of candidates beyond just their technical qualifications.

Automated hiring at a glance

Relies on algorithms and software (often AI-driven) to screen, sort, and evaluate candidates.

It’s often faster than hand-picked hiring.

Can be less nuanced and may lead to bias if the solution you use isn’t properly designed.

Can be helpful for screening large numbers of applicants quickly.

May miss important information or potential that a human hiring manager would pick up on.

How we hire

Our decision to hire through a hand-picked approach has led us to design a recruitment process that goes beyond scanning resumes. We take the time to carefully consider each of the applications we get to make sure that everyone has the same opportunity to become part of Code Power and that we select the best engineers.

Step 1 • Never-Ending Candidate Search

We are on a quest to find the most creative, talented, and passionate engineers out there. To do so, we use a variety of channels to source them, including job boards, social media platforms, team member referrals, and partnerships. Our focus is on attracting candidates who not only have the technical skills we need, but also possess qualities such as passion, curiosity, and empathy. Also, because of our people-first culture and commitment to empowering people to be the best version of themselves, the best engineers choose to work at Code Power.

Step 2 — Human-Driven Assessment

Our assessment process includes initial screenings of candidates’ resumes and cover letters, as well as technical assessments and interviews with both technical and non-technical team members. We aim to create a positive and engaging interview experience for candidates, which helps us to evaluate not only their tech expertise but also their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit.

Step 3 • Hand-Picked Decision

We make hiring decisions based on a combination of factors, including candidate qualifications, skills and abilities, experience, cultural fit, and team dynamic. We are committed to providing a fair and transparent hiring process and making job offers that align with both the candidate’s and the company’s expectations. We also offer onboarding and ongoing support to help new hires integrate into our team and succeed in their roles.

The importance of a people-first mindset in our hiring process

We are convinced that our team members are the key to our success, which is why we prioritize their well-being by creating a smart working environment that allows them to grow and thrive. By doing so, we have been able to attract top talent in the industry, with our team members consistently reporting high levels of job satisfaction and engagement.

Our unique culture has also allowed us to differentiate ourselves in the competitive software engineering industry. We prioritize collaboration, support, and innovation, and we believe that this approach is essential to creating a company where people feel like they belong. All of that creates an open and trusting environment that entices engineers in the industry to apply and become part of a business that’s doing things differently.

Leverage the potential of hand-picked hiring

Through our expertise, you can build a top-performing engineering team that will boost your digital transformation and take it to new heights. Don’t settle for less than the best – build your engineering team with Code Power today.