What is Android development?

Android development refers to the practice of creating mobile apps for Google’s mobile operating system, which powers various devices, from smartphones to smart TVs and watches. Whether you aim to build mobile apps or smart devices’ software, Android app development equips you with the means to craft unique, cutting-edge products successfully.

If you want to engage with a significant portion of worldwide mobile users, then you need to resort to Android development. That way, you’ll build unique solutions for a wide user base and leverage Android’s native features and benefits.

What is Android development used for?

Internet Of Things (IoT) apps

We use Android development to craft robust apps that provide control and real-time monitoring of IoT devices. Additionally, the platform allows us to connect multiple IoT devices into a unified system, enhancing overall convenience.

Smart devices' software

Android development is the ideal choice for creating software for a wide range of smart devices, including smart TVs, wearables, and IoT solutions.


Android’s SDK and extensive libraries enable us to build powerful APIs to establish smooth communication between your Android apps and server-side functionalities. This way, you achieve seamless data exchange, ensuring outstanding experiences for your users.

Custom ROMs

When your aim is to create custom ROMs (Read-Only Memories), we know we need to turn to Android to build them. This OS allows us to craft multiple Android OS versions that cater to various devices.

Mobile apps

This is Android’s most known use case. We can create a variety of Android mobile apps spanning e-commerce, gaming, education, and more. Moreover, we can make and deploy solutions quickly, enabling you to reach your target audience with ease

Why is Android the perfect choice for your next app?

Extensive customization

The Android SDK (Software Development Kit) is a freely available resource that empowers Android developers with cutting-edge tools to create unique, highly functional apps tailored to specific requirements.

Superior integrations

As a product of Google, Android development facilitates seamless integrations with a wide range of Google services (e.g. Google Maps, Google Pay, etc.), enhancing app functionalities and user experience.

Broad market reach

With Android app development, you gain access to the world’s most widely used mobile OS, reaching a vast market on mobile phones and billions of other smart devices, including tablets, TVs, watches, and more.

Advanced security

Android OS uses Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux), which enforces strict access control. Furthermore, the platform incorporates numerous built-in security features, ensuring robust data protection.

Fast development

Android developers can access Android Studio, a potent environment that provides swift code completion and real-time workflow evaluations. This results in optimized and efficient coding, leading to much faster development.

High ROI

Thanks to its one-time registration fee, broad market reach, and rapid app deployment, Android development offers a high ROI, enabling companies to achieve tangible results quickly.

Android vs iOS: Which one is best for your project?

When developing a mobile app, you must carefully decide the operating system on which it’ll run. Right now, you have to decide between two main contenders: Android vs iOS. Both platforms offer powerful environments and tools to build impressive solutions. So, how do you decide when facing an Android vs IoS development dilemma?


Choose Android development if…

    …you’re aiming to reach a broad market of diverse smart devices quickly. Furthermore, Android app development is for you if you want your app to enjoy extensive customization options and seamless integration with Google services.

    Main advantages:

    • Easy deployment
    • Wide market reach
    • Extensive customization.

    Choose iOS development if…

    …you prefer a closed ecosystem and target a tech-savvy, engaged user base. Also, it’s an excellent choice for designing elegant apps that require integration with other Apple products or services.

    Main advantages:

    • Tight security
    • Clean user interface design
    • Integrations with the Apple ecosystem

    What are the best Android frameworks?

    There are many Android frameworks with various valuable features that greatly simplify the development process. Some of the ones that Code Power developers leverage to create our clients’ mobile ideas include the following.


    Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform framework that’s great to develop stunning app UIs. It offers extensive libraries and useful features like hot reload capability. What’s more, it allows us to use a single code base to create apps for both Android and iOS, making it an excellent choice for projects that require compatibility with both operating systems.

    React Native

    React Native is a potent Android framework that harnesses the powers of JavaScript and its popular library, React. As such, the technology implements native UI components, enabling our Android developers to build apps with high-quality user interfaces. Additionally, React Native has the ability to share code across platforms, which significantly streamlines development.


    Ionic is a free, developer-friendly Android framework. It provides our Android app developers with an array of plugins and extensions to enhance mobile apps and make them highly interactive. Furthermore, thanks to Ionic’s vibrant developer community, our mobile development team can always rely on finding resources to propel your Android projects forward and overcome any obstacle.


    Xamarin is one of the oldest and most popular Android development frameworks. The platform provides our mobile developers with a toolset for building apps on multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, and macOS. Xamarin also offers code-sharing functionality, which allows us to write code once and use it across different platforms, reducing development time and enhancing overall efficiency.

    Corona SDK

    Corona SDK is a development framework designed to build 2D games and apps. This framework has numerous APIs, plugins and libraries that boost app capabilities and performance. Additionally, Corona SDK provides real-time device testing and supports technologies like MoonScript and GameAnalytics for more efficient programming.

    Our Android development process

    Thanks to our battle-tested Android development approach, we can provide you with high-performing apps that will delight your audience and meet your expectations.

    Scope and requirements definition

    Our Android development process begins with an in-depth analysis of your app idea and requirements. We hold brainstorming sessions to devise the optimal solution that aligns with your needs and determine the project’s scope. During this first phase, you also get the chance to choose Android app developers for your team.

    Project execution

    Once we’ve fully defined the concept of your Android app, we start developing it. Our skilled Android developers use trusted technologies, tools, and practices to design and code your product. Furthermore, as we prioritize open communication, we ensure that you receive regular updates on the progress of your app throughout the entire development process.

    Testing and deployment

    In Android development, testing is crucial to ensure the app’s quality. At Code Power, our team conducts thorough checks to eliminate bugs and ensure that the app delivers optimal experiences. Once all tests are completed, we deploy the app on the Google Play Store and other channels you want to make it available for users.

    Support and maintenance

    We provide support and maintenance for your Android app even after its deployment. Therefore, we ensure that your app remains up-to-date, meets the market’s evolving needs continuously, and contributes to your business success.

    Our Android Development Services

    Code Power provides comprehensive custom Android development services tailored to your project’s demands. With our team of highly skilled Android developers, our battle-tested processes, and our people-first approach, we deliver innovative and powerful apps that seamlessly adapt to your business and drive real impact.

    Enterprise Android app development

    Code Power developers can leverage Android app development to build robust and scalable enterprise apps. We strongly emphasize data security and compliance, delivering solutions tailored to your business needs and goals.


    Custom Android app development

    Our Android development services revolve around crafting unique solutions tailored to your requirements. When partnering with us, you receive top-quality products that perfectly align with your target audience’s needs and ensure long-term success for your business.

    Android development consulting

    We provide expert consulting services to help you gain valuable insights and make informed decisions regarding your Android projects. Our teams work closely with you to find the best ways to turn your ideas into reality using the Android platform.

    Android game development

    Do you have a mobile app game idea? Let’s make it happen! Our Android game development services offer comprehensive support, ensuring that your vision comes to life in the best possible way.

    Android APIs development

    Our Android development company can help you build custom APIs that integrate your Android apps with a myriad of other services. This way, you can unlock the power of a highly-integrated solution that works harmoniously with both your infrastructure and third-party tools you might use.


    Android app UI/UX design

    Code Power’s Android developers specialize in crafting stunning and intuitive UIs. Furthermore, we always go the extra mile to create memorable user experiences, completing the full picture of your app’s design.


    Android development technologies we use

    Android technologies

    • Glide
    • Realm
    • Firebase
    • Google Services

    Android development languages

    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • C/C++
    • JavaScript

    Android development resources

    • Android SDK
    • Android Studio

    Why choose Code Power as your Android development company?


    Client-centric approach:

    At Code Power Android app development company, we take a client-centric approach. From the beginning of the project, we focus on your needs, maintaining transparent communication and regular reporting.

    Skilled Android developers:

    Android developers at Code Power are highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in coding for a wide variety of industries. We apply the best practices and proven methodologies to deliver scalable Android solutions you can trust and take pride in.

    Rapid delivery:

    Our Android app development services leverage extensive libraries and frameworks to streamline development, ensuring fast time to market for your app. We complement this advantage with our proven processes, delivering fast, efficient, and successful Android apps.

    We power the world's most ambitious companies

    It’s time to turn your idea into an impactful app

    Android app development is one of our core strengths. With the platform’s exceptional efficiency, customization, and security, our Android developers create apps that deliver outstanding user experiences on smartphones, tablets, and other smart devices.

    We’re eager to hear about your app idea! Let’s work together to turn your vision into reality.