What is Drupal development?

If you’re looking for a technology to help you create dynamic web solutions that drive real business growth ― you’ve come to the right place.

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) and a framework. This means that Drupal effectively serves as both an environment for creating and organizing content as well as architecture that developers can use to build potent web applications.

Drupal has thousands of valuable tools and features, including a modular approach, customizable themes, and robust security, all contributing to the platform’s wide range of use cases. If we were to sum up what Drupal is in one phrase, it would be: worthy of your attention.

Drupal pros and cons

One of the standout features of Drupal development is its built-in capability to create multilingual websites. And this is just one of the platform’s many charms:

Pros of Drupal development

Potent flexibility

Drupal offers an exceptional level of flexibility, making it suitable for building a wide range of applications. Moreover, the platform provides numerous modules you can customize and craft distinctive, tailor-made solutions to your preferences.

Robust security

With Drupal, you get built-in security features that enable the creation of fine-grained access and user permissions, bulletproofing your websites and web applications against threats and data breaches.

Advanced reliability

Drupal is a stable platform known for its consistent and secure performance over time. Some of the world’s most trusted websites and organizations, such as NASA and Tesla, rely on Drupal development.

Community support

Drupal benefits from a thriving online community that actively contributes to its growth. It provides extensive support through various resources such as documentation, forums, user groups, and more ― all freely available.

Highly responsive

Drupal enables web solutions to adapt to various screen sizes and devices, ensuring a great experience regardless of your users’ chosen devices. Furthermore, it prioritizes accessibility, facilitating inclusive and user-friendly websites.

Cons of Drupal

Memory consumptions

Drupal may exhibit excessive memory consumption due to loading large modules on every request. This can result in slower performance, mainly when the platform isn’t adequately optimized.

Steep learning curve

Learning Drupal can be challenging, so you may need to invest in training or hire a Drupal developer to assist with your project.

Lengthy updates

Although regular updates are good, Drupal doesn’t support legacy installations, meaning there’s no built-in backward compatibility. To stay up to date, you’ll need to perform upgrades, which can be time-consuming.

Not so user-friendly

The platform may not be very user-friendly for non-technical users. For instance, if you require a feature that isn’t readily available, you’ll likely need a Drupal developer to build it.


Drupal’s extensive customization options can result in complex configuration and maintenance needs. This can be time- and resource-consuming, which may pose challenges for some businesses.

Types of Drupal solutions

While you can use Drupal for creating several types of solutions, there are three kinds of projects for which it’s better suited.

E-commerce platforms

Drupal development offers a stable environment for managing complex product catalogs, ensuring secure payment processing, and delivering seamless shopping experiences on e-commerce platforms.

Corporate websites

Drupal is an excellent choice for building professional and feature-rich websites. Its advanced customization options offer abundant opportunities to showcase products and services uniquely.

Web applications

You can use Drupal to build various web apps. From management tools and e-learning platforms to online booking systems – Drupal’s flexibility and robust features make it a perfect technology for your next web application.

Drupal development:

A go-to technology for thriving businesses

Drupal is a go-to technology for many reputable companies that leverage its features to empower their operations.


One of the most prominent examples of companies using Drupal is Tesla, a leading electric car manufacturer. Tesla uses Drupal development to power its website, creating a remarkable and visually captivating online experience with its impressive visual capabilities and animations.

UNICEF Innovation Fund

UNICEF Innovation Fund’s website is built on Drupal, ensuring stable performance, an accessible environment, and dynamic features. This way, Drupal development plays a vital role in conveying the Fund’s mission of sharing information and fostering global collaboration and support for the well-being of children.



NASA employs Drupal to display a wide array of information, research, and news, making it a prime example of a sophisticated Drupal solution. The site’s impressive design and user-friendly features offer a highly satisfying experience for visitors.

Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly, a prominent entertainment news source, relies on Drupal as its CMS to efficiently manage extensive media reports. The platform excels in this role, facilitating content sharing and delivering a dynamic user experience that informs and entertains.



Drupal development enables Pfizer to share essential healthcare information, research, and products online. Pfizer’s Drupal website is a multilingual solution with a clean, minimalist design, delivering a secure and user-friendly experience. The solution also incorporates a search engine to access products, articles, and other valuable content easily.



Pinterest uses Drupal for its “Pinterest for Business” project’s website. Drupal provides flexibility and responsiveness, allowing Pinterest to efficiently manage its online presence, deliver engaging content, and foster collaboration with businesses in a dynamic online environment.


Drupal vs WordPress: Which CMS is Better?

When selecting a CMS for your website, focus on one question: “Which CMS meets all my requirements?” Zeroing in on your needs, rather than following trends, and choosing technology that best aligns with your objectives is vital.

Drupal and WordPress are both powerful open-source CMSs that support easy publishing and offer extensive libraries or plugins. However, they also possess unique characteristics that make one a more suitable choice for you.


When to choose Drupal?

Choose Drupal CMS when you require a highly flexible, extensible, and secure platform for content management. It’s suitable for complex websites, multilingual content, and projects that demand advanced customization. Drupal is ideal if you value robust features and want complete control over content structure and customization.


When to choose WordPress?

Opt for WordPress when you need a user-friendly CMS for simpler websites and blogs. This CMS stands out for its user-friendliness, extensive plugin ecosystem, and suitability for less complex content-focused projects. WordPress is an excellent fit for small businesses and bloggers seeking a fast and efficient solution.

Our Drupal development services

We are a Drupal development company that leverages best practices and proven methods to create web solutions that stand out and drive results. That’s how we came up with Code Power’s comprehensive array of Drupal development services.

Custom Drupal web development

Code Power Drupal developers can help you design, build, and maintain highly functional web apps and websites. We use the platform’s design capabilities and extensive module ecosystem to deliver custom, stunning web solutions.

Drupal e-commerce development

Drupal’s reliability and responsiveness position it as an ideal technology for developing and maintaining e-commerce platforms. Collaborate with our Drupal developers to get an intuitive e-commerce solution that yields tangible results for your business.

Drupal theme development

You need a website with modern and intuitive features. At Code Power, we design eye-catching themes that make your website stand out and captivate your audience.

Drupal integrations

We create and integrate robust APIs to empower your Drupal website. Our skilled Drupal engineers connect your website with essential business tools like payment gateways, streaming engines, AI features, and more.

Drupal migration

Quickly and safely migrate your website from another CMS to Drupal. Our Drupal developers follow industry best practices and battle-tested protocols to ensure a smooth migration of your data.

Our Drupal development process

Building a successful Drupal solution isn’t precisely easy. Because, aside from excellent talent, a flexible approach to development, and appropriate tools, you’ll also need a battle-tested process to guide the entire project. Fortunately, you can trust in Code Power’s own development process to lead you to success.

Scope and requirements definition

In this initial phase, we work closely with you to define the project’s objectives, requirements, and scope. Our experts identify key features, target audiences, and desired outcomes, ensuring a clear roadmap for Drupal development services that align with your goals. Furthermore, we assemble a team of Drupal developers that will help bring your idea to life.

Project execution

Once there’s a clear and approved plan, Code Power’s Drupal development team begins the project’s execution phase. We leverage Drupal’s powerful tools and modules to build a robust, feature-rich website or app. Throughout the process, we keep you informed with regular progress reports, attentively listen to your feedback, and ensure that every aspect of the project aligns precisely with your requirements and expectations.

Testing and deployment

Our Drupal development services include thorough QA testing to validate the functionality, security, and performance of your Drupal solution. Once we complete this comprehensive testing and approval process, we will launch your website, making it accessible to your audience.

Support and maintenance

Your Drupal website requires ongoing support and maintenance, and our Drupal developers are here to ensure its continued excellence. We conduct regular performance checks, install updates, address issues, and implement other valuable measures to ensure the high functionality of your Drupal solution.

Code Power: Your partner in Drupal development


Effective communication

At Code Power, we believe that success is built on trust, so we prioritize transparency and open communication. We bring a blend of Drupal development expertise and collaborative communication ― a perfect combination for your project’s success.

Flexible cooperation models

Each Drupal development project requires a unique approach. That’s why we offer flexible collaboration models. You can opt for a dedicated team of Drupal developers or enhance your team with one or multiple specialists. In either case, we are here to ensure the successful development of your Drupal solution.

Custom Drupal development services

Our Drupal development company excels at bridging the gap between ideas and realization, creating distinctive solutions that differentiate you from competitors. Years of combined experience allow us to align with your demands and come up with unique, out-of-the-box solutions tailored to your needs.

Drupal FAQs

Who created Drupal?

Dries Buytaert, a Belgian software developer, created Drupal in 2000.

What programming language is used for Drupal?

Drupal primarily uses the PHP programming language.

Why use Drupal?

Drupal provides remarkable flexibility, advanced customization options, and multilingual support, making it a prominent choice for complex websites and feature-rich web applications.

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Drupal is a versatile and potent technology embraced by thousands of companies worldwide. At Code Power, we use it to build custom web solutions that deliver stable and captivating user experiences. Whether you need a corporate website or an e-commerce platform, our Drupal developers can help you get a high-functioning solution that fits your needs perfectly.