What is Elixir language?

Elixir is a popular dynamic and functional programming language that ― in alignment with its name ― brings magic-like capabilities to the development world! Its concurrency, reliability, and scalability make this technology an excellent choice for constructing robust, fault-tolerant solutions. 

With Elixir development, engineers and companies can confidently create high-performance apps that maintain stability and functionality, even under the most demanding data workloads.

Magical, right?

So, if your upcoming project calls for outstanding performances, you’ve come to the right place! Elixir has all the tools to bring your ambitious ideas to life and equip them with capabilities that fulfill your and your users’ needs.

Why use the Elixir programming language?

Here are some of the most notable reasons why you should consider Elixir for your upcoming projects:


Concurrency capabilities

This is one of Elixir’s main benefits. Actors, independent functions that can communicate with each other, enable Elixir developers to build potent apps that can process millions of requests simultaneously and without sacrificing performance.


Highly productive

Elixir’s clear and elegant syntax promotes code reusability. Furthermore, it offers an extensive collection of libraries, accelerating development speed while equipping you with the necessary tools to create exceptional solutions.


Lightening fast

Users demand fast-loading applications — something in which Elixir development excels! The language solves complex tasks with lightning speed and seamlessly manages high traffic volumes, ensuring great experiences.


Easily scalable

As your business grows, your apps need to expand accordingly. Elixir simplifies this process by allowing you to scale solutions seamlessly without compromising performance or incurring additional costs.



Elixir is built on Erlang, known for its exceptional reliability and fault tolerance. As such, Elixir development includes a number of built-in features that promptly detect and fix errors, protecting your apps from crashes.

What is Elixir used for?

You can use Elixir for a variety of purposes, including: 

Messaging and collaboration platforms

Thanks to its outstanding concurrency capabilities and support for real-time communication, Elixir development should be your go-to choice for building any messaging or collaboration platform.

E-commerce websites

Elixir provides everything you need to build scalable e-commerce solutions. You can count on efficient traffic handling, secure transactions, and a seamless shopping experience your customers will look forward to.

Custom web apps

Thanks to its fault tolerance and clear syntax, Elixir web development enables you to create highly responsive web solutions that load fast and handle multiple concurrent processes efficiently.

IoT solutions

Due to real-time data processing, the language supports the efficient management of IoT devices’ data. Moreover, Elixir enables seamless communication within IoT networks, making it an ideal technology for your IoT projects.


Elixir’s concurrency and fault tolerance make this technology perfect for game development. You can easily create real-time multiplayer games that provide stunning user experiences and powerful functionalities within solutions.


The Elixir development environment offers fantastic tools to streamline your API creation. Pattern matching and request routing are just a few of those you can use to construct highly-functional APIs easily.


Elixir with

Erlang and Go

In programming, the main goal is to build efficient solutions quickly. But there are more than one ways to do so. And that’s where the dilemma comes in:  Which technology to choose? How will my decision impact the outcomes of my project? 

We hear you. Therefore, we prepared a brief overview of how Elixir compares to similar technologies on the market: Erlang and Go.

Elixir vs Erlang

Namely, Elixir focuses on engineers’ productivity while delivering unique capabilities such as robust concurrency and fault tolerance. This makes the technology an excellent choice for efficiently developing scalable and reliable server-side solutions. 

Erlang also offers outstanding reliability, especially regarding telecommunications and distributed systems projects. Furthermore, both languages allow code alterations without interrupting the running system, putting them head to head-in developing critical systems.

In short: 

  • If your project involves distributed systems and telecommunications, go with Erlang.
  • If you prioritize developer productivity and wish to take advantage of Erlang’s concurrency and reliability with a more clear syntax, Elixir is a better choice.

Elixir vs Go

Elixir is dynamic and functional, while Go is a statically typed, compiled programming language. As a compiled technology, Go provides outstanding speed. 

When it comes to scalability, both languages offer great functionalities, but Elixir, with its built-in actor model, takes the lead in this domain. On the other hand, Go is unparalleled in low-level system programming, thanks to the language’s excellent memory management.

In short:

  • If your primary focus is on scalability ― Elixir is for you.

If the project includes building network services and system-level programming, opt for Go.

    Top Elixir frameworks


    Phoenix is the most popular Elixir framework that astounds engineers with its scalability and productivity capabilities. Furthermore, Phoenix has a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture that allows for real-time communication and simple code maintenance, further streamlining and enhancing Elixir development.


    Nerves is an Elixir framework perfect for building embedded systems like IoT and automation solutions. It provides a reliable and fault-tolerant environment for developing lightweight applications that deliver high performance and scale easily.


    Sugar is a modular Elixir web framework focusing on development speed and solution efficiency. Additionally, Sugar’s high customizability guarantees a variety of possibilities for creating apps that precisely match the project’s needs.


    Hedwig is a specialized web development framework designed for creating bots within Elixir applications. The technology also offers support for various third-party adapters, allowing easy integrations. Moreover, Hedwig streamlines Elixir APIs development as well.


    Maru is a minimalistic framework that supports Elixir API development. Due to its focus on simplicity, Maru is a fantastic option for creating lightweight, fast APIs. Additionally, Maru integrates seamlessly with the Phoenix web development framework, forming a powerful duo that enables the swift creation of high-performing APIs.

    Our Elixir development services

    Code Power offers a comprehensive range of Elixir development services. Share your project idea with us, and our team will work closely with you to identify the most suitable option to build and scale your solution.

    Elixir web apps and website development

    The Phoenix framework is made for building concurrent, reliable and interactive web solutions. At Code Power, our teams combine Phoenix web development and Elixir to create custom A-class products that meet your requirements.

    Elixir Docker development services

    Ready to reach a broader market? Code Power’s Elixir Docker development services enable you to package Elixir apps into lightweight containers and run them on any system, expanding your user base.

    Elixir game programming

    Need to transfer your current web applications to Vue.js? Look no further. Our professionals are migration masters, managing the process seamlessly and proficiently, guaranteeing that the switch won’t hinder your flow of business.

    Elixir API development

    Our Elixir developers build powerful, scalable APIs for your business. With the language’s strong fault tolerance and multiple frameworks availability, you get highly efficient APIs that perform flawlessly with various systems.

    Elixir IoT development

    Code Power Elixir developers build ultra-reliable IoT solutions. Moreover, we prioritize data security, enabling you to harness the potential of IoT technologies securely.

    We power the world's most ambitious companies

    Our Elixir development process

    Code Power leverages a battle-tested approach to Elixir development services.

    Scope and requirements definition

    We start by creating a detailed strategy and development plan for your Elixir development project. Our experts take a deep dive into your requirements, ensuring a precise understanding of the project scope. Additionally, we assemble a team of skilled Elixir developers ready to build you a potent, scalable, and reliable solution.

    Project execution

    It’s time to pull up our sleeves! During this Elixir web development phase, our teams work on your project, ensuring each step goes according to the plan. Furthermore, when partnering with our Elixir development company, you receive regular updates on the project’s progress and can always share your feedback with us to make sure the final product is precisely what you’re looking for.

    Testing and deployment

    At Code Power, our top priority is delivering a unique yet reliable and functional solution. Thus, we conduct thorough testing, assessing the product’s performance. Our Elixir developers always go the extra mile to ensure optimal efficiency, deploying the application only when it exhibits the highest functionality, meeting our rigorous standards.

    Support and maintenance

    We understand that development processes don’t end after the launch. Therefore, our Elixir development services include ongoing support and maintenance of your solutions, guaranteeing regular updates and smooth operation at all times.

    Why use Code Power

    Elixir development services

    Code Power is the right choice when you want to hire an Angular development company that offers everything your project needs.

    Collaborative approach

    We value genuine, meaningful connections within our teams and with our clients. Thus, our Elixir engineers work closely with you, actively seeking feedback and guaranteeing that we are always on schedule, meeting and exceeding your expectations.

    Fast development

    Elixir comes with features that enhance developer productivity and shorten time to market. Combine that with our tried-and-true processes and highly experienced talent, and you get an unmatched workflow that ensures success.

    Innovative solutions

    Your business deserves unique, performative products. This is where our Elixir developers excel. Combining creative ideas with industry best practices, we craft experiences that leave a lasting impression on your users, setting you apart for all the good reasons.

    Code Power hiring models

    Whether you need a simple web app or a complex enterprise solution, our Elixir development company provides you with engineers dedicated to your success.

    Gain access to Code Power’s top talent through the following models:

    Hire Elixir delivery team

    The Phoenix framework is made for building concurrent, reliable and interactive web solutions. At Code Power, our teams combine Phoenix web development and Elixir to create custom A-class products that meet your requirements.

    Augment your Elixir team

    Ready to reach a broader market? Code Power’s Elixir Docker development services enable you to package Elixir apps into lightweight containers and run them on any system, expanding your user base.

    Hire Code Power Elixir developers and scale your apps reliably


    Elixir is a remarkably flexible and reliable programming language that excels at handling even the most demanding data loads. These and other outstanding capabilities, such as concurrency and fault-tolerance, enable our Elixir development company to use this technology efficiently and develop stunning products that fit your needs.

    Ready to start leveraging Elixir’s powers?