What is Erlang?

Erlang is a functional, general-purpose programming language that excels in building scalable and concurrent systems. It handles high traffic levels, remains resilient to errors, and efficiently executes real-time tasks.

Erlang is your go-to choice for creating reliable, high-performance solutions.

Erlang history: Decades of success and counting


Erlang has come a long way since its first origin decades ago — and what made it successful in the past continues to empower it today.

It all started in the ’80s. Back then, the most advanced tech systems were primarily found in telecommunications, or more precisely, in telephone switching systems. The challenge was finding the perfect technology to support these systems, specifically their need for handling many simultaneous operations.

Engineers Joe Armstrong, Robert Virding, and Mike Williams met this challenge excellently
– they created Erlang. It was designed as a “write once, run forever” solution, enabling the development of highly reliable and fault-tolerant telephone switching systems. Soon after, Erlang’s purpose extended to various other domains, and the language became open-source and widely embraced in the tech world.

Today, you can leverage Erlang’s exceptional capabilities across various fields, including banking, e-commerce, social platforms, and more. This technology stands as your ideal ally for constructing solutions that thrive in modern environments.

Why use Erlang: Key features

Highly responsive

Erlang’s lightweight process model enables it to handle many concurrent tasks efficiently while maintaining optimal performance and outstanding responsiveness.

Advanced security

Erlang provides robust security measures, including process isolation, secure code loading, access control, and other features designed to protect your solutions from threats and breaches.

Superior concurrency

Erlang’s biggest strength is its concurrency. The language is powered by the BEAM virtual machine, which efficiently manages numerous lightweight threads, making Erlang ideal for systems with a large number of concurrent users.

Outstanding reliability

Erlang developers build systems with exceptional fault tolerance. Isolated processes in BEAM quickly recover, preventing system-wide failures and enhancing overall robustness.

Great scalability

Grow your user base with Erlang development. Its message-passing allows for seamless flexibility, empowering you to deliver outstanding user experiences to millions of users.

Enhanced productivity

Erlang engineers benefit from a range of productivity-enhancing features like simplified debugging tools and a functional programming style, both boosting code maintainability and readability.


What is Erlang good for?

Erlang is a smart option for various use cases, including:

Messaging applications

You can use Erlang to build robust messaging apps. Its concurrency and scalability make it a perfect technology for real-time messengers, with giants like Whatsapp and Facebook being the best examples of Erlang development.


Got a fantastic game idea? Erlang development can turn it into reality! This language is widely employed to create highly responsive, multiplayer online and mobile games.


Erlang’s origin stems from the need for reliable technology in the telecom industry. Today, it continues to excel in this role, thanks to its sophisticated runtime environment and OTP (Open Telecom Platform) libraries.

E-commerce platforms

Delivering a flawless user experience is vital in e-commerce. Erlang development helps you to ensure this, maintaining platform functionality even under the heaviest traffic loads.

Blockchain solutions

Leverage Erlang’s high-level features to design potent blockchain applications that scale easily and handle multiple concurrent, real-time responses.

Internet of Things (IoT) products

Erlang’s reliability and scalability make it an ideal choice for IoT products, ensuring robust performance and adaptability of your solutions.

Top Erlang frameworks

OTP (Open Telecom Platform)

OTP is primarily a platform rather than a conventional framework. However, it’s part of this list as it’s a product of the Ericsson team and provides libraries, tools, and ready-to-use components that support quick and efficient Erlang development.


Nitrogen is an Erlang web framework for building highly responsive, real-time web applications. It provides a robust environment to harness Erlang’s powerful features for modern, scalable web development projects.

Chicago Boss

Chicago Boss is an Erlang framework that delivers fast and efficient web pages. It effortlessly handles substantial traffic loads and streamlines web app development through features like routing, simple testing, and ORM (Object-Relational Mapping).


Cowboy is a lightweight, high-performance Erlang web framework. It offers low latency and exceptional concurrency handling, making it perfect for building high-performance web applications and microservices such as HTTP servers and RESTful APIs.


Zotonic is a versatile web framework and content management system (CMS) developed in Erlang. It empowers Erlang developers to create highly interactive web and mobile solutions. Additionally, it provides exceptional scalability and real-time capabilities, essential for content-driven projects’ success.

Our Erlang development services

Messaging apps. E-commerce platforms. IoT systems. No matter what type of Erlang-based solution you need — we can help. Code Power’s teams deliver highly customized and functional products that align with your project’s requirements and business goals.

Erlang custom app development

Code Power’s Erlang engineers excel in creating custom apps that meet your needs. We follow industry best practices and leverage top Erlang frameworks to help you build potent, reliable products.

Erlang e-commerce development

Deliver a superior user experience to your e-commerce customers. Our Erlang development services team specializes in crafting high-performance platforms, leveraging Erlang’s concurrency to seamlessly manage heavy traffic loads.

Erlang telecommunications development

Partner with our Erlang development company to get potent telecommunications software. We build reliable communication systems, ensuring seamless connectivity and uninterrupted service of your solutions.

Erlang integration services

Our Erlang developers can seamlessly integrate this potent technology into your existing systems or develop custom APIs that leverage Erlang’s power for enhanced communication, scalability, and overall performance.

Erlang IoT development

Make the most of Erlang’s real-time capabilities. Code Power’s Erlang developers create IoT products that efficiently manage concurrent data and maintain connectivity, ensuring reliable and responsive IoT systems.

Our Erlang development process

With Code Power as your Erlang development partner, you embark on a well-defined process designed to ensure seamless operations and deliver the best results.

Scope and requirements definition

We carefully define your Erlang project’s scope and requirements in the initial stage. This involves understanding and analyzing your business needs, target audience, functional requirements, and other pertinent specifications critical to the project’s success. At this stage, we also start to gather a team of proficient Erlang engineers to help you realize your project.

Project execution

With a well-defined scope, the Code Power team swings into building your Erlang-based solution! We skilfully design, code, and integrate various Erlang development components to meet your requirements. Throughout this process, we prioritize open communication, attentively listening to your feedback, and promptly adapting to it. Our commitment is to ensure that every project detail aligns with your vision and exceeds your expectations.

Testing and deployment

Rigorous testing ensures the Erlang application’s performance and reliability. As your trusted Erlang development company, we leave no stone unturned, subjecting your product to a battery of tests. Only after comprehensive testing and confirmation that the solution meets quality standards we proceed with its deployment to production environments.

Support and maintenance

We firmly believe in achieving success through unwavering dedication and continuous improvement. Therefore, post-deployment, our teams diligently monitor your system’s performance, proactively address issues, apply updates, and persistently enhance your solution to ensure it remains reliable and highly functional.

More than just experts: why companies love working with us

Discover the reasons why our clients say we are their number-one choice for Erlang development.

Extensive Erlang development experience

Benefit from our massive Erlang development experience. We share our best practices and expertise to help you harness the full potential of this powerful language and achieve robust, performative solutions.

Flexible cooperation models

We adapt to your needs. Whether you need a dedicated team of skilled engineers or a single Erlang developer to enhance your existing setup, we cater to your requirements and support your projects.

We're-in-this-together approach

Our Erlang development company follows the we’re-in-this-together principle, prioritizing transparency and collaboration at every stage of the process. Your success is our success, and you can rely on our commitment to delivering excellence in your products.

Tailored to your needs

At Code Power, we understand that success requires unique, innovative products that perform flawlessly. That’s why we specialize in crafting distinctive and performative Erlang-based solutions that meet your and your customers’ needs.

Industries we serve

Our Erlang development services span across various industries, including but not limited to the following:


Our Erlang development services can help you ensure seamless transaction processing and high availability for your users. Erlang’s scalability and fault tolerance make it one of our favorite technologies for enhancing banking applications and systems.


Code Power teams develop potent Erlang-based healthcare systems that support critical aspects like patient monitoring, electronic health records, and uninterrupted data transfers, ensuring information security and timely responses.


Reliability and real-time responsiveness are crucial in transportation-related industries. Erlang excels in delivering these essential capabilities, empowering our engineers to craft transportation systems that seamlessly handle scheduling and monitoring operations.


Erlang’s original purpose as a language that supports communications still goes strong today. At Code Power, we put Erlang’s fault tolerance and high concurrency in action to build robust communication solutions such as chat apps and messaging platforms.


Delivering uninterrupted and immersive gaming experiences is crucial. Our Erlang development expertise enables us to create games with real-time responsiveness, multiplayer capabilities, and robust fault tolerance, ensuring seamless gameplay.


Erlang’s concurrency and fault tolerance are valuable assets for e-commerce platforms. Code Power’s Erlang development services can help you build e-commerce systems that handle heavy traffic loads and guarantee a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

Ready to develop your Erlang solution?


With its scalability, concurrency, and reliability, Erlang equips you with the essential tools to meet modern market demands. At Code Power, we leverage these strengths to ensure unparalleled value and quality in your products.

From the initial design to rigorous testing and seamless scaling — we deliver potent, future-proof Erlang solutions tailored to your needs.

Erlang FAQs

Is Erlang still used?

Yes, Erlang is actively used in various industries as a trusted choice for developing highly reliable and concurrent systems.

Which companies use Erlang?

Some of the most prominent companies that use Erlang are Ericsson, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Amazon.

Can I easily integrate Erlang apps with other programming languages and technologies?

Drupal You can easily connect Erlang with other technologies. It provides mechanisms like ports and external functions to facilitate straightforward integrations with other systems.

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