What is Golang?

Go (Golang) is an open-source, statically typed programming language. Its creator, Google, designed Go to be a minimalistic, efficient, and high-performing technology capable of easily executing concurrent tasks. As such, Golang development finds its purpose in various domains, enabling developers and companies worldwide to build robust solutions that drive success.

What are Golang benefits?

Go development introduces a variety of characteristics that streamline coding processes and enhance products’ qualities:

Concurrency capabilities

Golang’s Goroutines (lightweight functions that can execute simultaneously) give you a competitive advantage. Essentially, Golang development lets you create systems that can run millions of processes simultaneously!

Comprehensive tooling

Golang development provides a wealth of tools to help you streamline your coding and enhance your Go solutions. One of the most prominent is automatic code maintenance, which simplifies code maintenance and guarantees uniform code style across projects.

Minimalistic approach

Its code is clean and minimalistic, allowing Go engineers to minimize code-writing time. Furthermore, straightforward syntax simplifies maintenance and debugging, contributing to the ease of the whole Golang development process.

Highly scalable

Golang development is the go-to language for achieving scalability. With its efficient handling of high workloads and “one problem – one solution” design principle, Golang simplifies collaboration and promotes effectiveness in large-scale projects.

Lightening fast

Unlike other languages requiring virtual machines, Golang’s code directly translates to machine code before execution. This enables it to be fast while providing a fantastic user experience and reducing development costs.

What is Golang used for?

Go’s simple yet powerful code works flawlessly in numerous fields:

Web apps and websites

Golang’s comprehensive library and scalability, paired with powerful Golang frameworks like Revel and Martini, enable you to build highly performant web solutions efficiently and cost-effectively.

Distributed networks

We all have a field where “we are natural”. For Go, it’s building all kinds of distributed networks. Whether it’s APIs or web servers, Go’s simplicity and flexible architecture enable it to shine in distributed network projects.

Cloud services

If you’re building cloud-based infrastructure ― look no further than Go development! The language is a perfect fit for cloud development with its concurrency and portability capabilities.

Data science

Golang development offers efficient memory management, making it suitable for handling large amounts of data. In addition, its flexibility allows for developing reliable and scalable real-time analytics systems.


Golang game development opens the doors to exciting 2D and 3D game solutions! As a swift, statically typed, and multi-platform language, it lets you create powerful games capable of running on various systems.

Go vs Rust: Which one should you choose?

If you’ve faced the Go vs Rust dilemma regarding your next project ― you’re not alone! Many who have only used one of these languages or have never used any of them debate whether Go vs Rust is the superior choice.

The truth is that, as is typical in the tech world, it all depends on your project’s specific needs.

So, while both Go and Rust are powerful languages that prioritize efficiency, they also have particular vital distinctions that make them more or less suitable for different use cases.

When to use Go?

Use Go when you need quick development cycles and excellent scalability. It’s particularly suitable for large-scale web development, network applications, and virtually any systems that require concurrency and efficient handling of high workloads.


Most notable features: 


  • Concurrency capabilities
  • Fast execution
  • Simplicity

When to use Rust?

If your project requires strict memory safety and fine-grained control over system resources, opt for Rust. This language provides you with the ability to create software that minimizes memory errors and guarantees thread safety,


Most notable features:


  • Memory safety
  • Pattern matching
  • Fine-grained control

Our Golang development services

Ready to start leveraging Go development’s powerful capabilities? Optic Power offers Golang development services that focus on providing you with highly scalable and concurrent web solutions designed to excel in modern data-dense environments.

Golang microservices development

Whether you need simple API or complex architectural patterns for your systems, Code Power Go developers employ top industry practices to build microservices that function flawlessly

Golang cloud app development

Partner with our Golang development company to build cloud-native apps. We strategically apply Golang’s features and tools to develop highly efficient and reliable cloud solutions you’ll love.


Golang web app development

Our Golang developers are eager to start working on your custom web app solution. Using Golang’s highly efficient coding approach, you’ll have a performant, scalable app in no time!

Golang game development

Golang development services extend to games! As a Golang development company, we have years of experience building exciting games with Golang’s excellent concurrency functionalities and fast performance.

Our Golang development process

Code Power teams adhere to a trusted Golang development services process that ensures efficient project execution and exceptional deliverables

Scope and requirements definition

Our collaboration starts with an analysis of your idea and brainstorming sessions to come up with the finest solution for your needs. We carefully assess your project and precisely define its scope. Furthermore, we select the top Go engineers at this step, ensuring that their skills fit your requirements.

Project execution

With our skilled Go development talent, your project is in safe hands. Our Golang development company prioritizes code quality and ensures that every piece of code aligns with the project plan. We maintain transparency in our operations, allowing you to monitor development progress and provide feedback.

Testing and deployment

We want you to have a highly reliable and functional Golang solution. Therefore, we conduct comprehensive testing throughout the entire development lifecycle to ensure exceptional performance in various scenarios. Only when both our team and you are completely satisfied with the results, we proceed with the deployment of your solution to the production environment.

Support and maintenance

When your app goes live, Code Power’s assistance continues. We provide complete support and maintenance as part of Golang development services that always ensure your solution’s quality performance.

What makes us the perfect Golang development company?

Code Power is a Golang development company with a sheer focus on your results: everything we do aims toward the success of your project. From flexible engagement models, including staff augmentation and dedicated teams, to on-time delivery ― our team goes the extra mile to fulfill your Golang project goals.


With years of combined experience in this language, our Golang development services experts thoroughly assess your requirements and come up with out-of-the-box ideas that bring tangible results for your business.

Furthermore, as a people-first company, we prioritize open communication and promote great partnership experiences. When you hire Go developers from Code Power, you can count on transparent reporting, openness to feedback, and trusting relationships

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As Google’s “child”, Golang has always had the potential for success. And the language lived up to expectations! Modern Golang development provides concurrency and performance capabilities that allow us to build highly reliable solutions for our clients.

Coupled with our commitment to achieving your goals ― Golang web development is a sure path to your business’ scalable success!