What is Heroku development?

For your apps to thrive in the cloud, they must excel on both the client and server sides. So, you need technology that can empower backend operations and ensure a rock-solid foundation for your solutions’ success. Heroku development has what it takes to achieve that.

Heroku is a robust platform-as-a-service (PaaS) that empowers businesses to build, manage, and scale modern apps within the cloud. With remarkable flexibility and scalability, developers can work in their preferred programming languages and leverage the platform to create and quickly deploy solutions at a scale.

Whether coming up a simple website or tackling a complex enterprise-level app, Heroku’s high-performance, elegant environment has all you need to ensure your app’s success.

Why use Heroku:

Real benefits for your business

There are several compelling reasons to consider Heroku for your business’s cloud computing needs.

High scalability

Heroku provides effortless scalability. You can add or remove containers (dynos), ensuring seamless adaptation to your user base and business growth.

Robust security

Heroku provides effortless scalability. You can add or remove containers (dynos), ensuring seamless adaptation to your user base and business growth.

Ease of use

Heroku development enables you to build apps at breakneck speed. The platform provides an elegant, developer-friendly environment with numerous tools, like built-in CI/CD and auto-scaling, empowering your teams to build potent solutions swiftly.

Accelerated ROI

Heroku’s simplified infrastructure management and streamlined development result in faster project turnarounds. This also means you receive the results of your efforts more quickly, enhancing your return on investment.

Remarkable flexibility

Heroku developers can choose their preferred language or framework and access various built-in and third-party tools and systems for a comprehensive, enhanced development experience.



Heroku, as a fully managed PaaS, handles server and infrastructure management, enabling your teams to concentrate on creating exceptional solutions without the distractions of server maintenance.

What is Heroku

used for?

There are six notable ways you can leverage Heroku development’s capabilities. 

Website hosting

Heroku offers a dependable environment for hosting web apps and websites, ensuring your products are consistently available while delivering outstanding performance.

API development

You can use Heroku development to build and host potent APIs. Thanks to the platform’s robust infrastructure and extensive developer tools, you can create and maintain APIs with ease and efficiency.


Heroku equips you with a streamlined environment, flexible programming language options, and essential development tools, enabling you to concentrate on core programming tasks and swiftly craft innovative prototypes.

Mobile backend

Heroku offers robust scalability and API support, enabling the creation of powerful backend architectures for mobile apps that scale effortlessly while maintaining reliable performance.

Real-time apps

With Heroku’s robust support for real-time technologies such as WebSockets, you can leverage the platform to craft cutting-edge, real-time solutions, including chat apps, online gaming platforms, collaborative tools, and more.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Heroku development provides scalability, security, and ease of management. As such, the platform is ideal for data processing, device management, and cloud integration of your IoT systems.

Comparing Heroku with AWS and Render

With an abundance of choices available in the market, it can be challenging to pick the best cloud computing solution for your company. Here’s a brief comparison of some of the leading cloud computing platforms: Heroku, AWS, and Render.

Heroku vs AWS

Heroku offers robust scalability and comprehensive user-friendly features, fostering rapid app development. What’s more, thanks to the platform’s automation and managed services, Heroku engineers can focus solely on core development tasks to enhance innovation.

AWS offers fewer developer-friendly features, but it surpasses Heroku in scalability. AWS excels the most in projects that require handling high data loads and demanding workloads.

In short:

  • If you prioritize rapid development and want to take advantage of a developer-friendly environment, go with Heroku.
  • If your project involves extensive scalability requirements, AWS may be the better choice.

Render vs Heroku

Heroku is known for its ease of use, while Render is recognized for its robust performance. As such, Render provides outstanding capabilities in scenarios demanding high reliability and speed.

When it comes to deployment, both platforms offer great functionalities. However, Render stands out in transparency capabilities, thanks to the built-in Metrics feature, which provides real-time insights into app performance.

In short:

  • If your project demands robust performance and reliability, Render is for you.
  • If your primary focus is on ease of use, opt for Heroku.

    Our Heroku development services

    Get powerful cloud-based apps with Code Power’s Heroku development services.

    Heroku consulting

    Code Power’s experienced Heroku developers assist you in getting the most out of Heroku development. Together, we come up with the finest approach to help you leverage platform capabilities and achieve your goals.

    Heroku app development

    It’s time to turn your idea into a powerful app. Our teams leverage a range of Heroku tools, including Heroku Scale, Data Clips, Postgres, and more, to create custom solutions perfectly tailored to your and your target audience’s requirements.

    Heroku integration

    Our Heroku development company delivers a secure and seamless integration of this PaaS with your existing systems. This delicate process is where our proficient Heroku developers excel, ensuring a smooth merging of your applications.

    Heroku migration

    Ready to migrate your apps to Heroku? We’ve got you covered. Code Power teams specialize in Heroku migrations – we follow a meticulously planned process from start to finish, ensuring a seamless transition of your operations to the cloud.

    Heroku optimization

    As your trusted Heroku development company, we provide expert guidance on effective strategies to help you minimize costs, enhance performance, and fully leverage the benefits of Heroku development.

    Heroku security audits

    Ensure a heightened security for your Heroku app. Code Power’s engineers conduct security audits and assessments to evaluate your solution’s security posture, identify vulnerabilities, and implement the latest, up-to-standard security measures.

    Our technology stack

    Explore some technologies we use with Heroku development.



    Angular and Heroku ― a winning formula that guarantees an exceptional user experience and quick time-to-market. At Code Power, we leverage this duo to create robust, reliable solutions that drive superior customer engagement.


    Our Heroku developers use databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB to ensure scalable data storage for your Heroku apps. This enhances data security and empowers data-driven capabilities, ultimately bolstering your solution’s performance and functionality.


    Docker simplifies deployment workflows and optimizes resource utilization. Our team pairs it with Heroku’s platform capabilities to create a synergy that leads to substantial cost reductions and improved scalability, benefiting businesses significantly.


    Combined with Heroku’s cloud platform, Java’s versatility ensures high reliability and efficient resource management. Our solutions frequently incorporate these technologies to enhance your business operations and help you deliver exceptional user experiences.

    Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools

    CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, CircleCI, and GitHub Actions are integral to our Heroku development process. By automating deployments, we minimize human errors and delays, resulting in enhanced product reliability and quality.

    Ruby on Rails

    When combined, Heroku handles hosting, while Ruby on Rails provides a robust framework with comprehensive development tools. We leverage these technologies at Code Power to create highly performative, feature-rich solutions.

    We power the world's most ambitious companies

    Code Power’s

    battle-tested Heroku development process

    Scope and requirements definition

    Our Heroku development services process begins with a thorough consultation where we dive deep into your project’s vision and requirements, as understanding your needs is paramount to us. We also discuss the best tools and strategies to be used. During this stage, we assemble a dedicated team of Heroku developers to assist in crafting your solution.

    Project execution

    We craft your solution’s code at this stage and seamlessly integrate the Heroku platform with your existing software stack. Throughout the process, our Heroku development company prioritizes your feedback, so we always take your ideas into account. This client-centered approach ensures that we are always in sync, enabling us to develop a product that aligns perfectly with your vision.

    Testing and deployment

    At Code Power, we always strive towards excellence. Thus, testing is crucial in our Heroku development process. We conduct comprehensive assessments, verifying your solution’s functionality and performance under various conditions. Once the application meets our quality standards, we deploy it on the Heroku cloud platform.

    Support and maintenance

    When you start a collaboration with our Heroku development company, you gain an enduring partner. Even beyond deployment, we remain your reliable support system, diligently monitoring your application’s performance, resolving any issues, and ensuring it stays secure and up-to-date. Whenever you require assistance or encounter challenges, our responsive support team is just a call away, ready to keep your application thriving.

    Code Power: Your Heroku development partner

    With so many software development companies out there, you might be wondering why you should choose Code Power for your Heroku projects. Here are some of the main reasons.

    Access industry experts

    When you pick our Heroku development services, you’re not just getting Heroku developers ― you’re tapping into a team of tech all-stars. Code Power’s experts bring years of hands-on knowledge and cutting-edge insights to your project, ensuring its success.

    Utilize proven processes

    It takes time to outline a development process that ensures the seamless performance of your Heroku apps. The good news is that we’ve established proven steps that deliver precisely that. We are experienced professionals, aware of what works and what doesn’t.

    Get custom, on-time delivery

    Each project at our Heroku development company is customized to meet our clients’ unique requirements. We take the time to thoroughly understand, plan, and efficiently execute each development step. So, you can count on us for the timely delivery of your custom Heroku solution.

    Heroku FAQs

    Is Heroku frontend or backend?

    Heroku is predominantly used for backend tasks ― hosting and managing server-side applications. However, it can also host static frontend assets like HTML and CSS files.

    Is Heroku worth it?

    Heroku can be worth it for many use cases, offering excellent security and developer-friendly features. However, it may not be ideal for apps with complex infrastructure requirements. To determine if Heroku is worth it for your project, it’s best to consult with a Heroku development company such as Code Power.

    What programming languages are commonly used with Heroku development?

    Some programming languages commonly used with Heroku development include Ruby, Python, Java, PHP, and Go.

    Supercharge your apps with Code Power and Heroku


    Heroku development is a potent technology for app development thanks to its seamless scalability, robust infrastructure, and comprehensive toolset.

    This is precisely why we at Code Power love using Heroku. It allows us to efficiently develop and launch high-quality, cloud-based solutions that meet your requirements and drive your business forward.