JavaScript – The unbeaten king of web development

JavaScript – a powerful and versatile web development language, capable of running simple web features (form validation and dropdown menus) or mind-blowing applications (Netflix, Johnny-Five, and Uber). JavaScript can create them all.

Think of it as the Big Bang of web development frameworks, libraries, and languages. Without JavaScript, binge-watching or ordering your food through Uber Eats wouldn’t be possible.

It’s thanks to this web-dev language and its frameworks, libraries, and techniques, we live in a time of enormous digital prosperity. They are:

Because of its supernatural versatility and ubiquity, JavaScript runs both on the server and client side. Using Node.js, a JavaScript runtime environment, running data-intensive real-time apps across multiple devices on the server side becomes child’s play.

Without the client side of JavaScript, we wouldn’t have the sexy eye-candy features and dynamic, interactive pages like this one

Why is JavaScript still relevant to this day?

Here are five reasons why JavaScript stays on the top of web development even after 25 years:

It fuels countless APIs

JavaScript has powerful API integration allowing web developers to fetch data from multiple sources and display it on their pages. With supported modularity (the concept of using different tools for executing specific tasks), building tech stacks with JavaScript and APIs has never been easier.p.

Advanced user authentication

Every time you log in to your Gmail, Facebook, or LinkedIn account there’s some type of JavaScript user authentication library working (Auth0, Keycloak, NextAuth, or Passport-oauth2) in the background. Password hashing, form validation, and token-based authentication (implemented in the banking sector) are other aspects of JavaScript that provide secure user login, database storage, and subsequent request

Building intelligent UX

JavaScript isn’t just for creating sexy UX features. The more intelligent side of the JavaScript-built user experience is the DOM manipulation (Document Object Model), smart animation, and dynamic user-focused content. Without JavaScript, developers would only dream of dynamically updating content and style in response to user input.

Pure cross-platform compatibility

JavaScript’s middle name is compatibility. Thanks to browser, mobile, and server-side compatibility along with responsive web pages that quickly adapt to different devices and platforms, we get to experience the web to the fullest.

Future-proof web development

Using modern syntax, following best practices, and staying up-to-date with recent framework and library development is a fire-safe way of future-proofing JavaScript. It’s how you keep pace with this ever-evolving web development language.

Most popular JavaScript solutions

With JavaScript’s incredible versatility, imagination turns into reality. Building web applications is just one side of the coin of this programming language. Other popular JavaScript solutions include the following.

Desktop applications

JavaScript isn’t just for web app development. Frameworks such as NW.js, Electron, and React Native Desktop bring JavaScript development to the desktop world. With these frameworks you can quickly and efficiently build cross-platform applications.

Mobile apps

Building native mobile applications using web technologies? You heard it right! NativeScript, PhoneGap, and Ionic are just a couple of frameworks you can use for building mobile apps with JavaScript, compatible with iOS and Android systems.

Server applications

Modern-day server applications, environments, and frameworks like Node.js, Express, Meteor, Koa, and Hapi wouldn’t be possible without JavaScript. Without their rich features and powerful underlying infrastructure, we wouldn’t have the digital prosperity we have now.


Using JavaScript’s presentation library RevealJS, you can create professional presentations making PowerPoint run for its money. Other libraries such as D3.js and Chart.js provide powerful tools for creating interactive and dynamic data visualizations. But, if your business wants to create stunning animation and visual effects within your web app, Anime.js, and GreenSock will be your cup of presentational tea.

Smartwatch applications

JavaScript leveraging its client-server architecture powers most of today’s smartwatch applications. Frameworks like Tizen, WatchOS, and Wear OS through JavaScript communicate with their backend servers for data retrieval and action performance. Without JavaScript’s simplicity in client-server data procession, most smartwatches would rapidly drain their batteries and die out.

Are Java and JavaScript the same programming language?

Being in the web dev business, we spot the infamous confusion between Java and JavaScript from our client’s side. Java and JavaScript have similar origins but are fundamentally different.

Java is an object-oriented programming language built for developing apps. Every code needs to be compiled before execution.

JavaScript is a scripting programming language built for developing juicy web pages with NO need for compiling. It’s also called the browser language we all love and know.

5 JavaScript pros businesses fall in love with

If you’re a business looking to build your interactive, dynamic, and fast website, you’ve surely heard about JavaScript and how your competitors are using it to get ahead. So how can you do precisely that? Where to start?

There are dozens of key aspects of why businesses have the love-at-first-site experience the moment they lay their hands on JavaScript. Being in the web dev industry for a long time, we at Code Power have found the five most common ones. 

They are:

Full-stack development

With JavaScript, you have it all! It’s a cost-saving and time-efficient way of building your web applications. Client and server-side included. By using one single language to do your front and back-end part of development, your business develops applications quicker than ever before.

Lighting speed

Applications and web pages built with JavaScript load faster than regular ones. But it’s a double-edged sword. For those who don’t know how to fine-tune JavaScript’s performance, the slow loading and rendering speed is bound to happen. To become the true master of JavaScript speed, one must master the use of variables, DOM size, DOM access, and delay loading.

Filled with off-the-shelf features

Why reinvent the wheel, when you can use its subcomponents right out of the bat and build a better one? That’s how JavaScript works! Except instead of a wheel, you’re building high-end apps in minutes. Lodash, Express.js, jQuery, and React are just a few libraries providing off-the-shelf features such as array manipulations, component-based architecture for UI, and HTML traversal manipulation and animation.


TypeScript development

JavaScript’s cool brother. It’s an open-source, strictly syntactical superset of JavaScript. Because of its typed, object-oriented nature, it’s more efficient and easier to debug than JavaScript. Translated to business language – It’s perfect for building highly-complex scalable applications with supreme error detection.

Unchallenged simplicity

Despite being so powerful, JavaScript is effortless to learn and use. That’s why it’s oftentimes the go-to web development language for businesses wanting to increase their online presence and efficiently build scalable apps with minimum coding knowledge. It’s also the developer’s favorite tool for managing and updating large codebases (sometimes turns out to be a hellish task).

We power the world's most ambitious companies

Our JavaScript services

It’s easy to get lost in the JavaScript world. With its vast applications, countless libraries, frameworks, and environment to venture through, businesses get lost steering their project in the right direction.

With our JavaScript services, your project is always on the right course with its sails directed to one goal – highly-desired scalability, quality, and user experience.

JavaScript-based server development

Our JavaScript development team specializes in building resilient, secure, and fast server-side apps and APIs. With fast development time, simplified code maintenance, and support, your app’s time-to-market will be faster than Formula 1.

Custom JavaScript application development

From front-end UI development, android app development, desktop app development, and enterprise development to backend development, mix, combine and tweak down your JavaScript development however you like. Don’t worry if you get stuck in your customization. Our professional support team is always there to help!

JavaScript testing and debugging

Already have a Javascript app but it needs thorough testing, optimization, and debugging? No problem, our JavaScript developers are here to help! With hundreds of JavaScript projects behind them, they’ll turn your JavaScript project into a highly-optimized, mean, and lean app.

Our JavaScript development process

At Code Power, we got to know JavaScript since its inception, empowering countless projects. Ranging from simple-minding interactive web pages to complex, scalable applications, our developers have built it all.

If you’re still on thin ice and feeling iffy about using Code Power’s JavaScript coding methods, here’s what our development process looks like:

Thorough requirement gathering

Before jumping on any JavaScript project and starting the development, we sit down with our clients and together go through their goals, needs, target audience, and scope. Believe it or not, going into as many details as possible in the beginning set every JavaScript project for superb success.

Ninja-level project planning

Creating a detailed project plan, development timeline, key milestones, and defining important deliverables with what, who, when, and where is one of our favorite development steps. Besides coding, of course.

Crafting your JavaScript code

Everyone can make you a JavaScript code. It’s no brainer. But it’ll probably have poor code organization, dozens of security vulnerabilities, and performance issues. That’s not the case with Code Power. With the help of our developers, your web app will have the performance of a Swiss clock, the security of Fort Knox, and the organization of a military platoon.

Testing time

We don’t write JavaScript code and let it run in the wild with the hope of working. NO! We Dyna-test it by running end-to-end, integration, unit, performance, and security testing procedures. It’s one of the fire-safe ways of delivering great customer and user experience satisfaction.


What if there’s a bug in your app, but you can’t find it nor solve it?! No worries, with our development team, no JavaScript has escaped and lived to tell the tale. Using premium debugging tools and consoles, no bug can hide from our developers’ watchful eye.


JavaScript is a no-compile language, meaning you can deploy it on the web right out of the bat. Sure, but it will fail most of the time. At Code Power, we like to minify, concatenate, and cache our JavaScript code with security and versioning on the top level. It’s how we produce lighting-fast, secure, and highly optimized web applications.


A development process where most businesses fail. JavaScript-built apps need maintenance. Constantly updating its libraries, frameworks, and techniques, taking care of version control, documentation, and code organization is a labor-intensive task most businesses don’t know how to do. Using our development practices, those worries are taken away. Leave them to us, and let yourself enjoy a cup of brewed coffee.

Why Code Power

Code Power is the right choice when you want to hire a JavaScript development company that offers everything your project needs.

If you choose to go your own way of mastering JavaScript, finding quality developers, leading the project, and running the development process is a challenging task.

Why go the hard road with a 90% project failure rate when you can go with a trusted JavaScript developer network with a proven track record here at Code Power?

With our in-depth expertise, cross-industry experience, and industry-recognized development processes of JavaScript development, your project is bound for one thing and one thing only – SUCCESS!

JavaScript? You mean SuccessScript?


Naysayers will tear their lungs off screaming JavaScript is old and irrelevant. But that’s further from the truth.

JavaScript is becoming even more powerful and essential for web development. And even more, sought after by businesses looking to take their web presence by the horns.

So what are you waiting for? Go the right way with Code Power