What is .NET?

.NET is a cross-platform, open-source developer platform that streamlines the development of a wide range of solutions. From web and mobile apps to games and IoT solutions, .NET provides tools and frameworks to help you bring your ideas to life creatively and productively.

If you’re looking to build a scalable and fully functional app quickly ― .NET is the way to go!

ASP.NET vs .NET core vs .NET framework: What’s the difference?

.NET development owes its success to the multitude of frameworks that have emerged to support it.

  • .NET Framework
    .NET Framework is the original Microsoft .NET framework that allows for desktop, web, and server-based app development. It supports coding in numerous languages, including C#, C++, Visual Basic, and JScript. Additionally, it offers access to Windows functionalities and other Microsoft tools for more productive development.

  • .NET Core
    .NET Core is a powerful successor to .NET Framework. It has improved modularity and scalability and can run on various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. With this framework, you can build multiple apps, including ones for mobile, desktop, IoT, machine learning, gaming, and more. Furthermore, and thanks to its cross-platform compatibility, .NET Core is a fantastic choice for designing applications that can run in a variety of environments.

    ASP.NET is a web framework that’s part of the .NET Core ( previously of .NET Framework). It enables the creation of dynamic web apps and provides programming models (such as Web Forms and the Model-View-Controller pattern) that help you code more quickly and efficiently. With its broad collection of tools, excellent scalability, and high performance, ASP.NET is an ideal choice for creating modern dynamic web solutions.



So, what are their main differences?

Simply put, the most significant difference between .NET Framework and .NET Core is that the first is the original Microsoft framework. Thus, .NET Core is .NET Framework’s modern successor, which provides better performance and scalability. For its part, ASP.NET is a framework developed on top of .NET Core (previously .NET Framework), specifically suited for creating dynamic web solutions.

But it all boils down to what your project objectives entail and which development language suits the particular requirements of the task at hand.

What is .NET used for?

.NET is your ultimate “Jack of all trades” for web and software development. You can use the platform and its numerous frameworks to create a variety of solutions:

Web apps and web services

.NET development is a fantastic tool for creating advanced static or dynamic web apps, APIs, and microservices.

Machine Learning and AI

.NET developers have access to ML.NET service that supports the development of all kinds of machine learning projects. Whether you want to build a cool vision recognition app or AI software,.NET development can assist you.

Mobile Apps

.NET framework allows you to build modern mobile apps that function flawlessly on multiple operating systems like Windows, Android, and iOS.


As part of Microsoft’s Game Stack, .NET provides fantastic features to help you build stunning 2D and 3D games users can enjoy on various gaming platforms (e.g., Android, Linux, Xbox, and so on)

IoT solutions

Due to its cross-platform compatibility and several frameworks, .NET development is ideal for creating compelling and secure IoT solutions

Why use .NET for your projects?

There are many strong reasons to use .NET in your projects:

Cross-Platform Compatibility

With .NET development, you use a single programming environment to create apps that can run smoothly across several operating systems.

High Productivity

.NET’s extensive libraries enable you to create high-quality apps swiftly. Additionally, the platform offers Language Integrated Query (LINQ), which guarantees an easy, productive way of manipulating data from numerous sources.

Exceptional Performance

If you’re building high-performing solutions with quick responses ― .NET is the perfect platform! It provides outstanding reliability and excels at resource-intensive tasks.

Potent Security

.NET includes built-in security features to help you keep your data safe and up to the highest security standards.

Advanced Scalability

When developing with .NET, you can be sure your apps will grow with your business. The platform can manage massive amounts of data successfully, making it an excellent choice for scalable web solutions.

Easy Maintenance

.NET development tools enable seamless system updates (from individual components to adjusting with the latest .NET release), saving you significant time and resources.

Why Code Power

With Code Power as your .NET development company, you gain access to teams committed to excellence, client satisfaction, and the delivery of top-notch products.

Skilled .NET developers:

Code Power .NET developers have vast experience in developing custom, scalable .NET apps for a wide range of industries such as healthcare, finance, and e-commerce, among others. Our team’s in-depth understanding of .NET backend and frontend technology enables us to develop innovative and powerful solutions for a multitude of purposes.

Client-centric approach:

We place a strong emphasis on transparency and regular reporting. From day one, we pay close attention to your needs, maintain open communication, and ensure the project stays on track. When you hire .NET developers through Code Power, you get full access to the project’s progress and a constant opportunity to share your feedback and thoughts.

Continuous support:

Code Power .NET development company provides continuous support, which includes timely updates, security checks, performance tests, and various other tasks with one primary goal: to ensure that your apps produce the best possible results for your business.

Our .NET

development services

Code Power is ready to provide you with top .NET developers. With a thorough understanding of the .NET framework and its vast ecosystem, our .NET engineers can help you create exceptional products ― swiftly and effectively.

.NET application development

We create highly functional, scalable, and custom .NET apps tailored to your unique requirements. Whatever solution you need — web, mobile, or desktop — we have you covered

.NET application integration

Our .NET developers thoroughly examine your systems to implement the most effective integrations and establish secure and fast connections between your .NET apps and other software.

.NET migrations

We can help you seamlessly switch between advanced .NET environments. We help you to efficiently and securely update your apps and get the most from .NET development.


.NET e-commerce development

Code Power’s .NET developers can help you build a super-efficient eCommerce platform that’ll provide seamless shopping experiences and drive real results for your business.

.NET development consulting and support

Our skilled .NET developers are always ready to share industry best practices and complete maintenance tasks, ensuring your .NET apps remain secure and high-performing.

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Code Power .NET development process

We meticulously crafted our .NET development services processes to ensure successful collaborations and efficient, world-class products.

Scope and requirements definition

First, we create a detailed strategy and development plan for your project. We also thoroughly examine your target users’ needs and precisely determine the project’s scope. Furthermore, we start defining the team of .NET developers with the necessary skills and experience to meet your project’s requirements.

Project execution

By leveraging the power of .NET and its many frameworks, we bring your vision to life and create scalable, secure solutions. Additionally, we foster open communication throughout the development process, delivering regular progress updates and incorporating your feedback to guarantee alignment with your goals.

Testing and deployment

One of the most critical aspects of development is quality assurance. That’s why we subject each software to rigorous testing throughout the project, assessing its performance and functionality and eradicating potential flaws. Once the application passes our rigorous tests, our skilled .NET developers launch it, and, just like that ― your app is ready for use!

Support and maintenance

Code Power’s specialized support team provides constant communication and updates to ensure the seamless functioning of your .NET app. Through support and maintenance tasks (e.g. platform updates, security checks, performance tests, etc.), we handle technical details so you can concentrate on other crucial business operations and take comfort in knowing your application works flawlessly at all times

Supercharge your projects with .NET development


.NET is a robust platform that continually evolves and empowers developers to create feature-rich apps capable of running on multiple platforms.

At Code Power, we leverage .NET’s impressive capabilities to build custom, secure, and reliable products. By adhering to the highest industry standards and taking a client-first approach, our teams deliver efficient solutions that meet your requirements and goals.

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