What is PHP?

PHP, or Hypertext Preprocessor, is a freely available server-side scripting language. With its fast development capabilities, robust security, and flexibility – PHP is one of the most used programming languages. In fact, over 70% of all websites are using it! The language supports stable architectures and dynamic page content, making it an excellent choice for modern web development.

What is PHP used for?

PHP’s primary application is for developing the server side of web solutions, allowing for solid backend architectures. As such, the possibilities are endless ― you can use PHP for a wide range of purposes.

E-commerce websites

The language allows for efficient e-commerce website development. Moreover, numerous PHP frameworks (Laravel, Cake PHP, et al.) let you apply existing codes for e-commerce solutions or build your own from scratch.

Cyber security mechanisms

PHP enables you to integrate robust cyber security mechanisms into your websites, such as two-(or more)-step authentication systems.

Web pages and web applications

With PHP development, you can build custom, static or dynamic web solutions that successfully interact with database systems, handle online transactions, and perform any other operations you demand.

Content management systems (CMS)

You can use PHP to construct unique, interactive CMS tailored to your business needs.

Why use PHP?

PHP has been around since 1994. and the language has more than one reason to be a favorite among developers for all these years.

High flexibility

PHP is compatible with numerous web technologies, such as cloud services or HTML, and effectively combines with many programming languages. Furthermore, PHP is a cross-platform language, allowing PHP engineers to use it on any major operating system.

Fast performance

PHP’s incredible speed is one of its key advantages. Since the language uses its own memory, PHP applications load quickly regardless of the internet speed.

Database support

PHP supports all major databases, including MySQL, SQLite, and others. This way, engineers have more freedom in the development process as they can select the best database that fits a particular project

Helpful community

PHP has a large community of developers. Numerous tutorials and tips are available to help you make the most of PHP website development.

PHP or Python: Which one should you use?

PHP and Python are popular server-side languages. So, it’s no surprise that many businesses face a dilemma when choosing between these two.

Naturally, understanding what will work best for your specific project is essential.
But, since both PHP and Python are suitable for web development ― it all comes down to what exactly you want to create.

When to choose PHP?

PHP’s feature-rich pre-built tools simplify the development process. Therefore, it’s a smart choice for creating CMS, e-commerce websites, and blogs. Furthermore, PHP development enables the seamless integration of products with third-party applications.

When to choose Python?

Python has robust features ideal for creating applications based on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Thus, if your project involves robotics or requires deep data analytics, you can confidently opt for this programming language.

Our PHP development services

Code Power PHP web development services can bring you a web solution tailored to your needs. We build stable, fast, and highly-functional PHP websites and web apps.

PHP API development

Integrating APIs is a smart way to connect with various data systems, either your own or those of third parties. Whether you need Custom PHP API development or third-party API integrations ― we are ready to help you.

PHP e-commerce development

Our PHP engineers employ their experience and skills to create high-performance e-commerce solutions that guarantee fast load times and a smooth user experience for outstanding results.

PHP CMS development

We leverage PHP development to build dynamic, interactive, and highly functional content management systems. When you hire PHP developers from our experienced talent pool, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the highest-quality CMS.


Custom PHP web development

The Code Power PHP development team is ready to deliver custom web solutions that perfectly fit your business requirements and needs. Furthermore, when you hire a dedicated PHP developer from our company,  we guarantee continual effort to meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations.

PHP website support & maintenance

We proactively maintain the smooth performance of your PHP websites and applications. You can count on our team’s support, performance monitoring, and updates implementation.

Our PHP development process

Our approach follows well-established steps within an agile, future-proof PHP development process.

Scope and requirements definition

We start your PHP development project by defining its scope and requirements. Our team analyzes your idea, suggests the best solutions, and provides a project completion estimate. After establishing these crucial aspects, we divide the task into sprints for development and gather the best PHP experts to bring your project to life.

Project execution

The Code Power team moves forward with detailed project specs. We put years of knowledge and expertise into creating a PHP web app that’ll serve your business flawlessly. Furthermore, you’ll receive all deployment details, ensuring that every aspect of the development process is transparent and follows the previously established plan.

Testing and deployment

During the testing and deployment phase, our QA team thoroughly performs various performance tests to ensure that the final product meets all requirements and expectations. When your PHP website or PHP web app passes all of the tests, we deploy it ― confident that the solution is of the highest quality.

Support and maintenance

At Code Power, we maintain and improve critical aspects of your PHP product even after the deployment. We aim to ensure that the product always satisfies the market’s needs. That’s why we offer ongoing maintenance and reliability support for your PHP solutions.

Why choose Code Power for PHP development services

Code Power is a PHP development company offering services tailored to your needs. Whether you need a simple static PHP web page or a complex website, our experts can help.

We are skilled, committed, and enthusiastic about your business’s online presence. When partnering with us, you get customized PHP web solution that genuinely works for you, contributing to your growth and success.

Transparent Workflow:

We provide continuous support throughout the PHP development process, regularly informing you of the work status and delivering detailed project reports. This commitment to transparency is your assurance that our PHP developers devotedly leverage the power and maturity of PHP to help you achieve your project’s goals.

Experienced teams:

Our seasoned PHP developers deliver high-performance, secure, and quality PHP websites and web apps. We form teams of best PHP developers eager to meet your company’s demands and invest their years of experience in delivering world-class PHP solutions.

Fast development:

PHP comes with in-built tools and support for databases which accelerate development. Our team takes full advantage of these features and employs a proven PHP development approach. This way, we complete projects rapidly while ensuring that our PHP web solutions meet all your requirements.

Reasonable cost:

PHP itself is one of the most cost-effective programming languages. Additionally, at Code Power, we offer custom PHP development services at reasonable prices based on the scope and requirements of your specific project.

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