What is Power BI?

Making precise, well-timed decisions is a necessity for business success. That’s where Power BI steps in, arming you with the resources you need to make crucial moves confidently.

Power BI is a powerful data visualization software that allows you to store, visualize, and extract valuable insights from your data. And, as Microsoft’s leading business intelligence tool, it excels at these tasks with superior performance.

You can leverage Power BI for visualizing marketing campaigns, evaluating team productivity, real-time monitoring, and virtually any scenario that aids your business in making data-driven decisions and attaining success.

What is Power BI used for?

Power BI is the top-choice tool for various business intelligence tasks and solutions.


Resource management

With Power BI’s visualization, you have a powerful tool for resource management at your fingertips. You can track equipment usage, monitor project processes, and perform any task that requires real-time insights.

Processes streamlining

Power BI helps you streamline complex organizational processes, especially in data-rich departments like marketing, sales, and operations. Use its extensive features to build intuitive dashboards and reporting systems for enhanced efficiency and performance.

Financial reporting

Use Power BI to track your company’s finances. The tool’s data modeling capabilities let you effortlessly create comprehensive dashboards and reports, perform calculations, and analyze data, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Power BI offers a user-friendly yet powerful interface for performing CRM analytics. The technology can integrate and visualize customer trends, enabling you to gain a complete view of your customer behavior, pinpoint opportunities, and improve customer satisfaction.

Quality control

Power BI developers can create robust visual reports to monitor product quality, detect defects, and analyze performance metrics. Furthermore, Power BI systems deliver real-time insights so you can make timely improvements and maintain high-quality standards.

Server data management

Power BI equips you with efficient server-level data management tools, enabling you to centralize and secure your data and streamline data access. This way, you can manage business data collected from various sources in a cohesive and organized manner.

Why use Power BI: Key Features


Data-based insights

You need potent tools to make optimal data-driven decisions for your business. Power BI offers advanced data analysis features, helping you transform complex information into actionable insights.

Built-in AI

Power BI has sophisticated built-in support for artificial intelligence. This means you can effortlessly leverage AI capabilities for predictive modeling, natural language processing, and more, enhancing your data analysis.

Mobile support

Thanks to Power BI’s robust mobile support, you can access and interact with your Power BI dashboard from any device.

Custom visualization

Power BI’s “Service Content Packs” marketplace lets you import and customize reports and dashboards to align with your business’s data needs. You can also create custom solutions using the Power BI Desktop app.

Enhanced productivity

Power BI’s user-friendly sharing interface and seamless integration with other Microsoft products make it ideal for productive collaborative work. Your teams can access data and make any necessary adjustments effortlessly.

Real-time monitoring

Power BI excels in real-time data visualization, meaning you can make swift, informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information.

Power BI vs Tableau: Which tool should you use?

Business intelligence tools are your trustworthy partners in decision-making processes. They help you analyze, manipulate, and present data, facilitating swift and smart strategic moves for your business.

Two prominent names stand out among the array of tools available for these tasks: Microsoft Power BI and Tableau. But how do you decide between Power BI vs Tableau? To make the best decision, carefully consider the following factors.


Power BI’s scalability excels in scenarios involving extensive datasets and high user concurrency.

Tableau also comes with outstanding scalability capabilities – it can seamlessly adjust to meet varying scaling requirements, making it a top choice for companies with dynamic and frequently changing scaling needs.

    Performance requirements

    If your app involves frequent data updates and write operations, Power BI is a better choice, ensuring efficient management of dynamic data.

    But, if your focus is on extensive data reads, Tableau is the preferred option as it provides the agility needed for responsive, data-intensive tasks.

    Advanced analytics

    Both Power BI and Tableau offer advanced data analytics features.

    However, Power BI stands out with its seamless integration into Microsoft’s AI and cloud services. It’s the prime choice if your projects are closely linked to the Microsoft ecosystem or require advanced AI and machine learning capabilities.

    Our Power BI development services

    Start maximizing the potential of your data and boosting your business’s success. Code Power is a highly skilled Power BI development company that ensures your data works for you, allowing your business to thrive.

    Power BI consulting services

    Code Power’s experienced Power BI consultants assist you in getting the most out of Power BI and your data. We work closely with you to understand your needs thoroughly and craft strategies for superior business intelligence solutions.

    Power BI integration

    Our Power BI development company seamlessly integrates this BI tool with your apps. Our proficient Power BI developers excel in this delicate process, ensuring a smooth merging of your data sources and enhanced data exploration.

    Power BI migration

    Ready to migrate from spreadsheets or your current BI tool to Power BI? We’ve got you covered. Our process minimizes downtime, ensures precise data transfer, and optimizes your solutions for A-class performance.

    Power BI dashboard development

    Power BI is made for efficient data analysis and visualization. At Code Power, we leverage its intuitive interface to create tailored, real-time dashboards that display valuable insights, enabling you to make well-informed business decisions swiftly.

    Power BI reporting

    We use Power BI Pro tools to craft comprehensive reports with in-depth data analysis. Our teams also use DAX queries for dynamic, precise querying, providing you with real-time, actionable insights ready to drive your business forward.

    Power BI customization

    Every business’s data is unique. Our experts employ ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) techniques and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) to customize your dashboards and reports, ensuring your insights remain relevant and adaptable to your evolving needs.

    Our Power BI Toolkit


    DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)

    Our Power BI developers use DAX, a formula language, and Power BI together to create custom calculations, measures, and advanced data modeling. This duo helps you extract actionable insights and craft highly customized reports.

    Power BI Mobile

    Power BI Mobile is Power BI’s feature that enables you to access your critical business data from any device, anytime. At Code Power, we leverage this capability to keep your data within reach, ensuring you stay connected with your essential insights on the go.

    Microsoft Excel

    If your business relies on Excel spreadsheets, here’s the great news: Our expert Power BI developers can elevate your spreadsheet analysis to a whole new level. Power BI seamlessly integrates with Excel-based calculations and modeling, providing you with advanced insights and data-driven solutions.

    Microsoft Azure

    We combine Power BI and Microsoft Azure for powerful data analytics. The platforms integrate easily, allowing you to benefit from scalable data storage and real-time data analysis and visualization.

    Power BI Desktop

    Power BI Desktop is Power BI’s primary tool for creating dashboards. Our expert teams leverage its capabilities to design intuitive dashboards and reports tailored to your needs and goals.

    Apache Spark

    When used together, Power BI manages data visualization, while Apache Spark handles big data processing. Code Power’s engineers have extensive experience utilizing both technologies to streamline data analysis and craft insightful visualizations.

    Our Power BI development process

    Code Power’s battle-tested Power BI development process allows us to deliver the best possible outcomes with consistency.

    Scope and requirements definition

    Our collaboration starts with comprehensive consultation meetings where we understand your business’s unique needs and goals. Code Power’s experts work closely with your team to explore the intricacies of your data and the key performance indicators that will drive your Power BI systems. Furthermore, in this initial stage, you select the Power BI developers who will craft your business intelligence solution.

    Project execution

    Once we’ve outlined the scope and requirements, it’s time to code! Our skilled Power BI developers put their expertise to work, crafting your customized solution. We design interactive dashboards and reports that breathe life into your data. What’s paramount throughout this and every other stage is our commitment to complete transparency – we keep you in the loop, promptly sharing the project’s progress and details with you.

    Testing and deployment

    We firmly believe that excellence isn’t something to aspire to but a necessity. That’s why we rigorously test your Power BI solution, ensuring that your dashboards and reports are functional, intuitive and user-friendly. Once satisfied with the results, we move forward with the deployment, making your solution accessible to your team.

    Support and maintenance

    Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with the deployment of your Power BI solution. Instead, it extends into ongoing support and maintenance. Our dedicated team remains at your disposal, ready to assist with updates, improvements, or addressing any challenges that may surface.

    Why choose Code Power as your Power BI development company?

    Three core principles that make us a top-class Power BI development services provider.

    Flexible cooperation models:

    Our flexible engagement models enable you to hire Power BI developers in a manner that perfectly fits your needs. Whether you need a single engineer or an entire dedicated team, we can swiftly arrange the ideal solution so that you can start gaining valuable insights from your data in no time.

    Customized results-focused approach

    Data is the key to understanding your operations better. Our mission is to help you use this key to harness outstanding results for your business. Understanding that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, we evaluate your requirements to create custom Power BI solutions that drive transformative insights and, thus, real results for your business.

    Skilled experts

    Our Microsoft Power BI developers consistently attend comprehensive training to keep their skills razor-sharp and stay at the forefront of industry trends. When you choose us as your Power BI development company, you can be confident that the industry’s finest experts craft your business intelligence solutions.

    Power BI FAQs

    Is coding required for Power BI?

    Coding isn’t required for using Power BI. The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to create reports and dashboards without coding. However, you can use DAX language for more complex calculations and customizations.

    Is Power BI secure?

    Yes, Power BI is highly secure. It provides several security features to protect your data, including role-based security and data encryption.

    Why is Power BI better than Excel?

    Power BI is a superior choice for in-depth data analysis, as it provides advanced capabilities for interactive dashboard development, real-time analysis, and efficient handling of large datasets.

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