What is Rails?

Rails, also known as Ruby on Rails or RoR, is an open-source web framework for rapid and seamless web app development. It’s powered by the Ruby programming language and comes with a unique characteristic – it’s opinionated. Rails adheres to the ‘convention over configuration’ approach, allowing it to identify the best ways to do things and guide you in that direction. If you fully embrace “the Rails way”, you can expect an increase in productivity (and fun!) in your development processes.

Furthermore, the platform is highly reliable and functional. So, it’s no surprise that some of the most prominent apps, like GitHub and Airbnb, rely on Ruby on Rails to power their systems.

Whether you have a great idea, you’re eager to launch swiftly, or you’re aiming to streamline your workflows, Rails development is the perfect choice for creating robust, feature-rich web solutions with ease.

What is Ruby on Rails used for?

Ecommerce platforms

Did you know that Shopify uses Ruby on Rails? That fact should give you an idea of what RoR offers: a wealth of plugins and extensions for crafting interactive storefronts, reliable payment gateways, and more.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Thanks to its robust MVC architecture and strong support for database integration, Rails is an excellent choice for creating complex, highly responsive, and dynamic CMSs.

Social networking apps

Developing social networking sites with RoR is as easy as it gets as the platform comes with tons of ready-to-use elements for the efficient creation of features like user profiles and real-time messaging.

Minimum viable products (MVPs)

Rails expedites the MVP development process. The framework’s wealth of built-in features and strong developer community make it ideal for validating innovative product concepts swiftly.

SaaS products

With its elegant coding, robust security, and rapid development, RoR is the go-to framework for crafting powerful, scalable SaaS products that meet the demands of the modern market.

Analytics and report-generating apps

Rails development shines in data analysis and visualization. It helps you build sophisticated tools for data processing, with large implementation in industries that demand precision and compliance, like finance and healthcare.

Why use Ruby on Rails for web development?


High reliability

Rails’ built-in error handling and data integrity features ensure your data’s high reliability and accessibility. Moreover, they contribute to the robustness of your application, reducing the risk of critical failures.

Advanced security

Rails development provides potent security measures, including encryption and authentication, keeping your solutions safe from cross-site request forgery, forced browsing, and other threats and vulnerabilities.

Large community

The Rails community boasts thousands of experienced Rails developers who offer support and valuable tips. Additionally, there’s an extensive knowledge base available online, helping you make the most of this technology.

Code maintainability

Ruby on Rails’ Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture allows for the clear separation of concerns, which simplifies updates and reduces errors, supporting streamlined and efficient code maintainability.

Increased productivity

Rails development accelerates productivity through its rapid, low-code approach. Furthermore, it’s built on the “Conventions Over Configuration” principle, reducing decision fatigue and boosting code consistency.

Great scalability

Rails framework-based solutions scale horizontally, meaning they can handle vast amounts of traffic and quickly adjust to new requirements as your user base, app, and business grow.

Rails vs Django: Choose the best framework for your project

Some of the most popular options for developing web solutions are Rails and Django. Both are potent web development frameworks trusted by many companies, including Airbnb, Shopify, Instagram, Dropbox, and more. But how do you determine which is the perfect fit for your project?

When to choose Rails?

Choose Rails when rapid development and scalability are crucial. It excels in projects with tight deadlines, providing you with the ability to prototype and test your ideas quickly. Furthermore, its robust modular architecture ensures you can build modern, scalable solutions with confidence.

    When to choose Django?

    Opt for Django if you’re building data-driven or content-rich websites and apps. Its strong data modeling capabilities, built-in content management features, and seamless third-party integration make it a solid choice for these requirements.

      Our Rails development services

      Code Power’s full-stack team of developers create web apps and websites that stand out for all the right reasons. We craft custom solutions with flawless precision, keeping your users’ needs and company goals in mind.

      Rails custom web app development

      Code Power’s Rails developers excel in creating custom web apps that meet your needs. We follow industry best practices and know how to harness the full potential of Rails to deliver robust and dependable solutions.

      Rails ecommerce development

      Deliver a superior user experience to your ecommerce customers. Our Rails development services team can build high-performance, feature-rich platforms that guarantee smooth shopping experiences and help you boost conversions.

      Rails MVP development

      Eager to swiftly bring your vision to life and test them in real-life scenarios? Our Rails development services are here to assist you in turning your ideas into high-quality solutions with efficiency and speed.

      Rails development upgrades

      Upgrade your Rails-based solutions to the latest versions to ensure security and continued functionality. Code Power’s Rails developers execute migrations meticulously, ensuring utmost precision and minimal disruption to your operations.

      Rails API development

      Elevate your apps and websites with Rails-based APIs. Our Rails engineers skillfully craft and integrate APIs to achieve advanced functionality and connectivity for your products.

      Rails consulting

      Tell us about your project and maximize the potential of your Rails development. Our Ruby on Rails developers offer expert guidance, helping you define and achieve your goals.


      Code Power’s Rails development process

      Our Rails development services are firmly grounded in industry best practices and strengthened by years of assisting clients worldwide quickly launch and scale feature-rich apps.

      Scope and requirements definition

      Our collaboration begins with a thorough project discussion. We dive into crucial questions, such as your goals and required functionalities. During this phase, our primary focus is to gain a deep understanding of your needs to design and build the best Rails solution for you. Additionally, we assemble your team of Rails developers, carefully selecting professionals with the precise skills and experience needed to bring your vision to life.

      Project execution

      Once we’re in sync, it’s time to dive into the code. Our RoR developers diligently follow the plan we established in the initial stage, incorporating industry best practices and building your web solutions with precision and unwavering dedication. Throughout this phase and every other in the process, you can rely on our commitment to complete transparency and regular progress reports. Our main priority is making sure that every line of code perfectly reflects your vision and delivers exceptional results.

      Testing and deployment

      The modern market requires perfection. At Code Power, we attain excellence through rigorous testing to ensure that your Ruby on Rails software runs seamlessly from both the back-end and front-end. This approach not only guarantees a superb user experience but also provides uninterrupted operations at all times. We deploy your solution only when we are certain that everything is running flawlessly.

      Support and maintenance

      Even after deployment, you can count on us. We offer continuous support and maintenance to ensure your Rails app consistently delivers superior and consistent performance. Whether it’s updates, bug resolution, enhancements, or any other needs to keep your app running seamlessly, we’ve got you covered.

      Why choose Code Power for Rails development?

      Customized approach:

      Code Power’s Rails development services focus on tailoring approaches precisely to our clients’ requirements. We don’t rely on generic solutions. Instead, we address your project’s distinct challenges and needs, providing a customized strategy that aligns perfectly with your goals.

      Data security:

      Our Rails developers create your apps in an environment with advanced data security protection. From encryption protocols to rigorous access controls, we implement cutting-edge technologies that guarantee complete data security throughout the development process.

      On-time delivery:

      Collaborating with our Rails development company ensures the prompt delivery of your solutions. We highly value your time, and our planning, execution, and testing processes are tailored to guarantee high-quality outcomes that meet your project’s deadlines and objectives.

      Scalable solutions:

      We code with the aim of long-term success and performance. This is why our Ruby on Rails developers design all solutions to be highly scalable, allowing your app to easily expand and support your growth as your user base and business evolve.

      Transparent communication:

      Code is important, but there’s one more crucial aspect: communication. It’s the cornerstone of every collaboration, and at our Rails development company, we always go the extra mile to ensure complete transparency and clarity in our processes. We keep you up-to-date and fully informed at all times.

      Expert team:

      Code Power’s seasoned professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to your projects. Our Rails developers are accredited experts who continually update their skills through regular training, maintaining both their soft and technical skills at the highest levels.

      Rails FAQs

      What is the difference between Ruby and Rails?

      Ruby is a programming language, while Rails is a web framework built on Ruby.

      Is Rails still relevant?

      Yes, Rails development is still relevant. The framework has wide applications in various industries and is a popular and effective technology for building web apps and websites.

      What databases does Ruby on Rails support?

      Ruby on Rails supports various databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Oracle.

      Can Ruby on Rails be used for mobile app development?

      Ruby on Rails isn’t typically used for building mobile apps. However, you can use Rails development to develop web services and APIs that interact with mobile apps.

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