What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a popular cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. It offers remarkable tools to optimize processes, build apps, and improve your team’s efficiency. From data management to workflow automation, Salesforce offers plenty of features to tackle a myriad of tasks.

The platform’s flexibility, together with a plethora of compatible apps and services available for integration, make Salesforce a potent choice to elevate your digital infrastructure.

Salesforce clouds services for every aspect of your business

Salesforce CRM provides a range of cloud services, each tailored to specific business functions. At Code Power, we can design robust, scalable solutions across all Salesforce clouds to meet your unique needs and goals.



Sales Cloud

Our teams use Salesforce’s Sales Cloud to optimize your sales operations, improve lead management, and ultimately help you drive more revenue for your business. Additionally, we configure detailed reports to boost your sales efforts and results further.

Service Cloud

Service Cloud enables us to develop efficient customer service functions capable of managing inquiries, orders, chats, and any other customer service-related task your business requires.

Community Cloud

We harness Salesforce’s Community Cloud to construct robust forums, chat apps, and collaboration systems that facilitate seamless communication with your teams, customers, or partners.

Commerce Cloud

Ecommerce solutions require reliable, intuitive online stores, product catalogs, and checkout systems. Commerce Cloud empowers us to craft these essential components, ensuring a compelling online shopping experience for your customers.

Financial Cloud

If your business operates in the finance industry, our engineers will leverage this service to improve and secure your systems, guaranteeing efficient workflows and secure financial transactions.

Health Cloud

As a healthcare provider, you need robust systems to manage patient data and deliver quality healthcare services. We’ll assist you in rolling out, configuring, integrating, and customizing these systems to meet your specific needs.

Marketing Cloud

Thanks to the Marketing Cloud’s capabilities, our Salesforce developers craft solutions that collect and leverage customer data, enhance marketing campaign automation and elevate your overall digital marketing activities for more effective and targeted marketing efforts.

Analytics Cloud

Salesforce Analytics Cloud provides powerful data analytics and visualization tools. At Code Power, we harness these tools to assist you in developing functions and systems that accurately derive insights from data, helping you make informed decisions.

Why Salesforce: Real benefits for your business

Salesforce development allows you to create tailored solutions that optimize your business processes and enhance customer experiences. Therefore, the benefits of using it come in various forms.

Increased productivity

Salesforce boasts a user-friendly interface and advanced automation possibilities, allowing your teams to focus on core activities in an intuitive environment.

Improved sales

Salesforce excels in providing real-time insights, allowing you to analyze sales data efficiently and make swift, informed decisions for growth.

Advanced cost-efficiency

Salesforce, being a cloud-based solution, eliminates the need for on-premises hardware, significantly reducing infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Streamlined collaboration

Salesforce centralizes data, simplifying collaboration and information sharing. It also equips teams with valuable tools and project management features to enhance collaborative work.

Superior security

Salesforce provides the Salesforce Shield feature, which enforces advanced encryption and compliance controls. The platform also includes a range of built-in security features and supports integration with third-party services for comprehensive data protection.

Elevated customer service

Salesforce equips you with the tools to enhance customer support. Track interactions, respond swiftly, and deliver personalized assistance – all from a single platform.

What is Salesforce development used for?

With Salesforce, the possibilities are limitless. You can use it to enhance your operations, improve your products, and achieve outstanding results in various areas, including:

Customized CRMs

Salesforce’s robust customization features allow you to tailor the platform to your needs. You can configure data fields, design personalized dashboards, and integrate with other tools for comprehensive CRM solutions.

Marketing automation

Salesforce’s automation platform – Marketing Cloud – provides you with tools to automate marketing activities across multiple channels. It also simplifies campaign management and offers valuable insights into your marketing effectiveness.

Customer support

Providing excellent service is crucial for any business. Salesforce allows you to efficiently manage support across multiple channels, collect and analyze customer satisfaction data, and track issues to continually enhance your services.

Ecommerce solutions

Salesforce developers can build scalable, high-performing ecommerce solutions capable of processing thousands of orders, ensuring seamless shopping experiences and high customer engagement.

Sales management

True to its name, Salesforce is a powerful tool for streamlining sales processes and driving revenue. With features like sales cadence builders and AI sales forecasting, it offers everything you need to boost sales and grow your business.

Reporting and analytics

With Salesforce, you can access advanced reporting and analytics tools. Use them to evaluate your business’s performance and create intuitive dashboards for even more efficient identification of areas for improvement.

Salesforce vs HubSpot: Which one is best for you?

When deciding on a CRM for your business, there are two most popular options: Salesforce and HubSpot. Both platforms offer powerful environments and tools to build and manage impressive solutions. So, how do you decide when facing a Salesforce vs HubSpot dilemma?

Choose Salesforce development if…

Your business requires a versatile CRM capable of meeting a broad spectrum of needs and integrating with Salesforce’s suite of services. Additionally, Salesforce offers robust customization, sales automation, and insightful customer interaction tracking. 

 Main advantages:

  • Extensive customization.
  • Potent sales management features.
  • Advanced automation.

    Choose HubSpot development if…

    You’re looking to build a potent inbound marketing or content management system. Hubspot is known for its user-friendly interface, offering both ease of use and robust tools for lead generation, customer engagement, and marketing.

    Main advantages:

    • Inbound marketing capabilities.
    • User-friendly interface.
    • Integrated content management features.

    Our Salesforce development services

    Code Power is your trusted Salesforce development partner, helping you build and deploy modern, powerful, and profitable solutions on the platform.

    Salesforce custom development

    Leverage our Salesforce development services to get tailor-made solutions. Whether you need advanced automation, intricate data integrations, or personalized reporting, our experts can create and manage it for your success.

    Salesforce integration

    Seamlessly connect the Salesforce platform with your existing systems. Code Power’s engineers specialize in establishing potent integrations with both Salesforce’s suite and third-party services, allowing you to streamline your processes further and enhance solutions.

    Salesforce CRM Customization

    We assist in tailoring the Salesforce CRM platform to precisely align with your specific needs and business goals. Our teams create custom fields and workflows that enhance your company’s productivity and optimize operations.

    Salesforce migration

    Ready to migrate to the Salesforce CRM? Code Power’s Salesforce developers can help. We have experience efficiently transferring apps and systems to the Salesforce environment, ensuring a smooth transition and stable operations.

    Salesforce consulting

    Schedule a consultation with our Salesforce development company to explore how to make the most of this platform. Share your ideas and challenges, and we’re eager to apply our expertise in maximizing Salesforce development for your success.

    Salesforce app development

    Partner with our Salesforce development company to get high-quality apps tailored to your company’s and target audience’s needs. We harness Salesforce clouds and tools to deliver fast, scalable, and results-driving solutions.

    Our Salesforce development process

    Scope and requirements definition

    In the initial phase of our process, we immerse ourselves in understanding your specific needs and objectives. Think of it as the brainstorming session, where we diligently collect and outline the essential requirements for your Salesforce solution. It’s also during this stage that we handpick a team of highly skilled engineers who will be dedicated to crafting your solution.

    Project execution

    This is where our dedicated team swings into programming, turning plans into reality. We’re talking about writing the code and meticulously fine-tuning the Salesforce configurations. Throughout the process, you can expect regular progress reports and updates, ensuring that you’re always in the know about how your Salesforce solution is taking shape. We’re all about transparency and collaboration to meet and exceed your expectations.

    Testing and deployment

    In the testing and deployment phase, we meticulously conduct comprehensive tests to ensure that each component functions seamlessly. Once everything passes with flying colors, we proceed with deployment while maintaining the highest security standards.

    Support and maintenance

    While Salesforce CRM is a powerful tool, it’s also a complex system that thrives with regular professional maintenance. That’s why our Salesforce development services don’t conclude at launch. If you ever require updates, fine-tuning, or expert guidance, we’re just a call away. Your Salesforce success is our priority, and we’re committed to its ongoing success.

    Code Power: The Salesforce development company you’ve been looking for

    Flexible engagement models:

    Hire Salesforce developers in a way that precisely aligns with your requirements. Whether you need a single expert or an entire dedicated team, we can quickly configure the ideal solution, ensuring you can leverage the full power of Salesforce development and enhance your business processes with confidence.

    Continuous training:

    At Code Power, we place a strong emphasis on continuous training to remain at the forefront of Salesforce innovation. Our teams consistently elevate their skills through ongoing training and the adoption of cutting-edge Salesforce techniques. This commitment allows us to create innovative, highly functional programs for the modern market.

    Industry expertise:

    Our teams possess extensive experience in various industries, including finance, retail, manufacturing, and more. With a deep understanding of sector-specific challenges and opportunities, we tailor Salesforce solutions to meet your unique needs and drive results.

    360-degree services:

    We provide comprehensive Salesforce services, covering all aspects of development, from initial consulting to ongoing maintenance. Additionally, our expertise extends to other technologies like Heroku, Python, JavaScript, and more, enabling seamless integration with Salesforce to create advanced solutions.

    Salesforce FAQs

    What types of companies can use Salesforce?

    Companies across various industries utilize Salesforce to manage sales, marketing, and operations efficiently. Additionally, the platform’s adaptability makes it a reliable choice for organizations of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

    Is Salesforce development coding?

    Salesforce development involves coding, but it also includes tasks like configuration and integration within the Salesforce platform.

    How much time does it take to develop a Salesforce app?

    The development time for a Salesforce app depends on the app’s complexity. Simple solutions may take a few days or weeks, while complex, feature-rich apps can extend to several months.

    Can I build mobile apps on Salesforce?

    Yes, Salesforce is well-suited for mobile app development. The platform offers tools and features to create custom mobile solutions that can run on both iOS and Android systems.

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