What is TypeScript?

TypeScript (TS) is an open-source, object-oriented programming language. It’s a superset of JavaScript that adds capabilities like static typing and advanced OOP features, enabling “syntax for types”. In that way, TypeScript ensures fewer code errors and, thus, facilitates more productive and efficient development.

Regarding project types, TS seamlessly caters to a wide range of solutions, effortlessly scaling from small projects to large enterprise applications and excelling in client-side and server-side operations.

With all this under the sleeve, TypeScript development is a go-to resource that can help you create high-performing solutions more efficiently than ever!

Benefits of TypeScript development

Everything about TypeScript development focuses on increased productivity and efficiency.
Here are some of the main reasons why TypeScript is an excellent choice for your next project:

Highly reliable

TypeScript’s static typing provides advanced error checking that helps catch errors early on. This feature ensures a smoother development process and instills TypeScript engineers with greater confidence in the reliability of their code.

Advanced maintainability

As an object-oriented language, TypeScript has features like classes and inheritance that significantly contribute to code organization and maintainability. Additionally, these capabilities allow for simple code refactoring, enabling engineers to maintain code quality easily.

Easily scalable

Thanks to explicit type annotations, interfaces, and classes, the TypeScript development promotes encapsulation and code reusability, ensuring simple and effective scaling of your codebases.

Cross-platform compatibility

With TypeScript, you can write and run code on various devices and operating systems. In other words, the language guarantees that your solutions will work flawlessly everywhere you desire.

What can you do with TypeScript?

Whether you’re developing web solutions, mobile apps, or games, TypeScript’s powerful features make it a compelling choice.

Backend and frontend systems

You can use TypeScript development to create both stunning, scalable user interfaces and highly reliable backend systems.

Web apps and websites

Since TypeScript is a close “relative” to JavaScript, you can use this technology to create highly interactive and scalable web solutions.

Mobile apps

TypeScript’s cross-platform compatibility makes it a perfect choice for your mobile app projects, allowing for smooth functioning and great experience across multiple operating systems.


TypeScript game development is a rapidly growing field due to the language’s enhanced tooling and seamless integration with popular game engines. All of this enables TypeScript engineers to create high-performance games with ease.

TypeScript vs Javascript: What’s the difference?

Both TypeScript and JavaScript are object-oriented languages that add interactivity to web solutions. Furthermore, they look (and sound) similar.

Then, what’s the difference between TypeScript and JavaScript?

Let’s take a step back in time to answer this question.


JavaScript was initially released as a client-side programming language for web browsers. When developers tried using it for server-side programming as well, it became clear that the language couldn’t meet the necessary demands. In a nutshell, the code lacked strong typing, which made it insufficient for that kind of programming.


TypeScript was created as a superset of JavaScript to help alleviate these limitations. It introduces static typing (with JavaScript being dynamically typed) and advanced object-oriented programming concepts, contributing to a more structured and predictable server-side development.

Essentially, you can think of TypeScript as JavaScript + additional features. Therefore, these two aren’t the same, but rather complementary languages that share certain aspects but differ in others.

Now, when it comes to TypeScript vs JavaScript debate, we also have to look at when you should use each of them:

TypeScript is great for larger-scale projects that require enhanced tooling and strict type-checking.
JavaScript may be a more suitable choice for smaller projects and quick prototypes, as this technology offers a more minimalistic development experience.

Our TypeScript  development services

Code Power TypeScript development services offer a robust approach to your project’s requirements and needs. Our highly experienced TypeScript developers create unique, potent solutions that scale and yield tangible results for your business.

Enterprise TypeScript app development

When partnering with our TypeScript development company, you gain access to top TypeScript developers, ready to leverage the language’s scalability to deliver robust enterprise-level solutions.

TypeScript mobile app development

Our TypeScript development company can help you build scalable mobile apps that perform flawlessly on various platforms. Android or iOS ― we make sure your solutions are reliable.

TypeScript web app development

Code Power engineers can leverage TypeScript for web development to build highly-scalable, user-friendly web apps. Whether you need client- or server-side solutions, you can count on our expertise.


Custom TypeScript development

Share your TypeScript development idea with us, and rest assured that our team will thoroughly examine your requirements, select the best TypeScript development tools, and deliver A-class solutions tailored to your needs.

TypeScript game development

Our teams excel at using TypeScript for game development. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have an existing game project, we offer comprehensive assistance in bringing your vision to life.

JS to TS migration

Ready to switch from JavaScript to TypeScript? Code Power has you covered! Our TypeScript development services provide secure JS to TS migrations, boosting your apps with future-proof features.

Our PHP development process

From the initial consultation and planning phase to the final delivery and ongoing maintenance, our TypeScript development company ensures a smooth, transparent development process.

Scope and requirements definition

Before starting development, we carefully listen to your demands and outline the project’s scope. Next, we plan the solution’s architecture and assemble a dedicated team of TypeScript developers with the necessary skill sets to successfully fulfill your goals and execute the project.

Project execution

Our TypeScript web development experts begin working on your project at this stage. Our team utilizes years of experience and TypeScript’s powerful capabilities to write high-quality code tailored to your demands. We also always keep you informed on the project’s progress.

Testing and deployment

Code Power’s TypeScript development services are designed with a strong focus on the quality and functionality of your app. Therefore, we meticulously run thorough tests throughout the development lifecycle, ensuring a bug-free product with high performance.

Support and maintenance

After deployment, we stay in touch to ensure your product performs as intended. Code Power’s comprehensive support and maintenance TypeScript development services include proactive monitoring and timely updates, guaranteeing smooth functioning and maximizing the desired results.

Why choose Code Power for TypeScript development services

Code Power is a PHP development company offering services tailored to your needs. Whether you need a simple static PHP web page or a complex website, our experts can help.

We are skilled, committed, and enthusiastic about your business’s online presence. When partnering with us, you get customized PHP web solution that genuinely works for you, contributing to your growth and success.

Transparent communication:

At Code Power, we prioritize transparent and open communication. Thus, when you choose us as your TypeScript development services provider, we ensure that you stay informed of all aspects of your project every step of the way.

Skilled TypeScript developers:

TypeScript engineers at Code Power are top performers with extensive coding experience. Thus, our teams apply best industry practices and tried-and-true methodologies to provide scalable solutions you can be proud of.

Flexible hiring models:

Whether you need to hire TypeScript developers as a dedicated team or expand your existing setting with a single engineer, Code Power offers a range of augmentation and outsourcing models tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Results-focused approach:

Code Power TypeScript developers follow a results-focused approach ― our primary goal is to deliver products that drive success for your company. We closely align our efforts with your objectives to ensure the fulfillment of your project’s goals and outstanding results.

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