What is Unreal Engine


Unreal Engine – the king of immersive and interactive virtual worlds. Adored by game developers and highly sought after by gaming companies. It’s a revolutionizing game engine disrupting the gaming industry patch version at a time.

    Unleashing the true power of Unreal Engine and its capabilities

    Since the day it was born, Unreal Engine quickly picked up momentum and became a go-to game development platform. With its fifth version (Unreal Engine 5) game developers create stunning interactive game experiences with quality unseen before.

    But Unreal Engine isn’t just for making games. In recent years, it took the VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality) industries by storm. What seemed to be a hell-of-a challenge to develop, is now easy, efficient, and fun to create in Unreal Engine.

    Disrupting multiple development fields in one blow is all thanks to its capabilities such as:

    C++ at its core

    This programming language is how Unreal maintains a high level of portability, supporting a wide range of desktop, mobile, console, and virtual reality platforms. Not only does it offer support for all existing systems, but its multi-platform support includes compatibility for next-generation consoles.


    Blueprint visual scripting

    Unreal Engine comes with a powerful visual scripting system developers love and adore – Blueprint. Using it, developers no longer need to calculate, create projections, and code game mechanics, but rather connect building blocks in the backend without writing a single line of code.

    Ray-tracing and advanced graphics rendering

    Rendering lights and environments in a virtual world is what makes or breaks a game. Using advanced lighting techniques, such as global illumination and real-time reflections, Unreal Engine creates lifelike scenes with included support for high-quality textures, dynamic lighting and shadows, and advanced post-processing effects.


    NVIDIA-grade physics engine

    Using the NVIDIA PhysX engine, controlling intense rigid and soft body dynamics along with fluid simulation becomes child’s play. But the true power of the Unreal physics engine lies in its constraint support. It’s one of the building blocks of realistically joined complex objects.


    Smart AI navigation

    Taking advantage of the Unreal Behavior Tree system, NPCs (non-playable characters) are now smarter with an even more complex decision-making process. Through these behavioral improvements, the game characters are now featuring pathfinding, environmental awareness, and dynamic decision-making.

    Unreal Engine vs other game engines


    Despite the wide range of game engines out there, Unreal dominates when it comes to strong and active community support, extensive documentation, extreme focus on innovation with a constant stream of new features and tech, and what we love the most — Flexible licensing options.


    Royalty-based is one of the options clients often prefer in the flexible licensing system. There’s a reason why:


    • Reduced upfront costs.
    • Incentivized success.
    • Support for different revenue models.
    • Scalable licensing costs.
    • Epic Games 24/7 support

      Advanced Unreal Engine development techniques

      A global illumination system, blueprint visual scripting, and supernatural physics engine are just the tip of the Unreal Engine’s iceberg. Going deeper, we arrive at the advanced game development techniques we see as essential for building highly complex projects with intertwined game mechanics and logic.

      Data-only Blueprints

      Data-only Blueprints allow developers to separate game logic from the presentation layer, making it easier to reuse and share logic across different projects. It’s how complex systems that involve many interconnected components are set to work flawlessly.

      Animation Blueprints

      Animation Blueprints allow developers to create complex character animations using a visual programming language. Developing realistic and dynamic character animations, customizable to fit a game’s specific needs, wouldn’t be possible without this feature.

      Procedural content generation

      Procedural content generation is a technique that involves using algorithms to generate game content, such as levels or environments, on-the-fly. It’s how games with a large number of unique and varied environments are made.

      Cascade particle system

      The Cascade particle system is a powerful tool for creating particle effects, such as fire, smoke, and explosions. It turns developers into magicians when it comes to creating complex and dynamic particle effects that enhance the overall look and feel of the game

      Blueprint interfaces

      Blueprint interfaces allow developers to create a set of functions used across different Blueprints. This technique is particularly helpful for creating complex systems with multiple interconnected components.

      Modular level design

      Modular level design involves creating game levels using a series of modular components that are easily rearranged and combined to create different layouts. It’s another feature that powers multi-level game environments.

      Dynamic materials

      Dynamic materials allow developers to create elements that change dynamically based on the game’s state or the player’s actions. Think of creating games with dynamic environments, such as weather effects or day-night cycles, but more realistic!

      Benefits of using Unreal Engine development services


      The real benefits of using Unreal Engine development services from which big business growth happens are:

      Cross-platform development

      PC, consoles, mobile devices, or VR/AR headsets, it doesn’t matter. Unreal Engine powers them all with a huge reduction in development costs!


      Unreal Engine’s middle name is the handler of large-scale, complex games. It follows your business as it gains traction and increases its audience. Perfect when you’re growing and expanding offers to a larger pool of gamers.

      Community support

      Besides being Epic Games’ poster child, Unreal Engine has a cult-like following of game developers. Endless libraries of knowledge and resources are a click away from taking your business and its challenging project to new heights.


      Unreal Engine comes with highly customizable features. From tailoring the perfect UI to adjusting how your game mechanics fit your audience is yours for the taking while you scale up or down and adjust your specific needs.

      We power the world's most ambitious companies

      Our Unreal Engine development services

      At CodePower, we offer a range of Unreal Engine development services that help businesses and developers create high-quality games and applications while meeting their specific needs and requirements.

      Expertise and experience

      Our team of developers worked with Unreal Engine from its early days. It’s how we have a deep understanding of the engine’s capabilities and best practices, which ensures that your project is developed efficiently and effectively. Code Power also was born out of the gaming industry, which provides us with a gaming edge over other development companies.

      Custom development solutions

      With Unreal Engine “One size fits all” doesn’t really work. That’s why we love to build custom-developed solutions tailored to your specific needs and requirements. It’s one of the ways we build games that are specific and unique to the client’s goals and objectives.

      Optimization and performance tuning

      When building complex Unreal games it’s easy to get intertwined and bump your performance. That’s why your project will always run smoothly on a wide range of devices with our optimization practices. This includes optimizing graphics rendering, physics simulation, AI, and navigation tools optimization to a point where your project works well, even on lower-end devices.

      Integration with third-party tools and services

      Integrating a project with a wide range of third-party tools including analytics, advertising, and social media platforms is a tricky process many businesses struggle with. With our guidance and practices, that’s not the case. Reaching larger audiences and being competitive in the gaming market is no longer a monumental challenge, but rather a swift job done when powered by Code Power!

      Quality assurance and testing

      Making sure that every Unreal Engine project is built with the highest quality and run through rigorous testing is our number 1 objective! It’s how we ensure that every client’s project is free from bugs and glitches. So, when the launching date arrives it reaps WOW reviews rather than negative controller-throwing complaints.

      Collaboration with our team of Unreal Engine experts


      Collaboration is a crucial part of any successful development project and, at CodePower, we understand the importance of working closely with our clients to achieve their goals and project objectives.

      Here’s what collaborating with our team of experts at CodePower looks like:


      Access to cutting-edge technology

      We keep our team of experts up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the gaming industry. It’s how we’re able to provide access to cutting-edge technology, driving innovation and powering engaging games and applications.


      Agile development process

      We’re big believers in the agile development process. It’s what allows us to deliver results quickly and efficiently, and launch your project faster, especially if they are time-sensitive ones.


      Partnership approach

      We view our collaboration with clients as a partnership, not just a service. We love to work closely with our clients and understand their unique needs and requirements while developing a solution that meets their goals and game objectives.


      User-centric approach

      Our development process is user-centric. It means that, besides building a partnership with our clients, we also focus on the user experience in everything we do. This is our rule of thumb which we always follow when building engaging, intuitive, and enjoyable games or applications.



      Our Unreal Engine development solutions are scalable by design. It’s how we create games and applications that grow with your audience. This is especially important for businesses looking to expand their offerings and tap into larger audiences over time.


      Budget-friendly options

      We understand that development costs are a significant barrier for many businesses. That’s why we offer budget-friendly options that help businesses of all sizes get started with their Unreal Engine development projects.


      Transparent process

      We believe in transparency when it comes to our development processes. That’s why we always provide our clients with a clear roadmap of the Unreal Engine development process, including timelines, milestones, and deliverables, so they always know what to expect from our experts.

      Building multiplayer games with Unreal Engine

      Multiplayer games are a never-stopping trend in the gaming industry. But successfully creating them requires a deep understanding of the technology and game design principles.

      Here are how using Unreal Engine makes creating multiplayer games a piece of cake:


      Networked gameplay

      Unreal Engine provides robust support for networked gameplay, which is essential for creating multiplayer games. The engine supports both client-server and peer-to-peer architectures, allowing developers to choose the best approach for their game.



      Using Unreal’s powerful features, any changes made to the game state on one client are automatically replicated to all other clients, ensuring that all players are on the same page.


      Dedicated server support

      Unreal Engine comes with dedicated server support, which is great if you’re looking to host multiplayer games from the get-go. It’s how developers create games that are scalable and support large numbers of players.



      Another perk of using Unreal Engine for your game development is built-in matchmaking support, allowing players to find and join games with other players of a similar skill level, an extremely helpful tool for creating competitive multiplayer games.


      Anti-cheat measures

      Unreal Engine provides frameworks with anti-cheat measures that ensure a fair and balanced gameplay experience for all players. This is extremely important for competitive multiplayer games, where cheating can have a significant impact on the game’s integrity.

      Let’s harness the power of the Unreal Engine together!


      Unreal Engine is the go-to game development platform developers always choose when it comes to creating high-quality, complex, and immersive games and applications across a wide range of industries.

      It’s also one of our favorite game development engines our experts specialize in. Whether you’re looking to create a multiplayer game, a virtual reality experience, or a complex simulation, our team of developers will make it a reality!