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Why Delivery Teams Are Key for Better Product Delivery

What can delivery teams do for you to give your business a much-needed boost? We’ve listed a couple of interesting benefits for your product delivery and certain drawbacks you should pay attention to.
Daniel Zacharias

Eugenio de Tomaso

November 21, 2022
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Delivery teams are groups of experienced engineers gathered to make your life easier through their specific skill sets. By hiring delivery teams, you should be able to breathe a sigh of relief and allow them to take care of your projects, whether in their entirety or partially. 

So, what can delivery teams do for you to give your business a much-needed boost? We’ve listed a couple of interesting benefits for your product delivery and certain drawbacks you should pay attention to.

Faster delivery

Delivery teams do just that — they can provide quicker delivery of your product to the market. If you’ve just developed a cutting-edge piece of tech, you’ll definitely wish for the whole world to be aware of it as soon as possible. Being a pioneer is a matter of prestige and inspires trust in potential clients, too.

Therefore, if you wish to be the first to provide a new type of digital service or want to develop a competitive edge faster, a delivery team will help you minimize the actual delivery time.

Quicker adaption

Not only will you launch your product faster, but you should also be able to adapt to the market’s fluctuations more quickly with a delivery team supporting your projects. That effect also increases if the delivery team has the freedom to deal with the project’s scope and requirements. That’s because the team can switch gears rapidly and, when needed, adapt to changes in market needs.

Avoiding supervision stress

Instead of having your manager(s) add product delivery monitoring to their extensive list of duties, you can outsource this to the delivery team. No more communicating with different team members and worrying about deadlines, costs, and alike! 

Consequently, your managers will retain their focus on the obligations they already have, and they will perform better. The whole stress about overlooking the products, the preparation process, and the successful delivery is in the hands of the delivery team.

Better employee retention

Delivery teams are beneficial not just for managers but for all your employees. 

As 300,000 jobs in the US are outsourced annually, it has become common to expect certain parts of work to be outsourced rather than added to the in-house burden. 

The fact that you hired a delivery team will help your in-house employees to feel valued and appreciated instead of overworked and underpaid. They will notice they can continue with their duties without having extra responsibilities with the same paycheck.

Innovation and focus 

Delivery teams, as specialized entities, are more oriented towards delivering the software or other products since that is their sole task. At the same time, they are bound to show more innovation and thinking outside the box than your in-house team. This is so because they are used to working on projects from different industries. Having that experience helps them build new methods and approaches for designing and developing new products. 

Top-notch specialists at your disposal

When hiring a delivery team, you are outsourcing to a highly skilled team. This is especially important for a number of 70,000 US startups that have just started their businesses and still don’t have enough money to cover all the operations. Hiring a professional or training one in-house would require more time, effort, and financial resources than simply taking advantage of a specialized delivery team.

Keeping the competitive edge

In the tech world, saying that technology is developing fast would be a severe understatement. To keep the competitive edge, a company must follow all the latest discoveries and adjust to them or unveil their innovative product to the world. 

To remain stable among the rising competition, a company has to invest in its performance management and other employees in various ways to keep track of everything. There are specialized courses, training, purchasing new tools or equipment and testing them. But you can also hire a professional to educate the team or provide tips on better work-life balance

Regarding product delivery, it’s very convenient to reach out to a delivery team with a big pool of skilled experts. Doing that will unlock access to cross-industry knowledge and in-depth insights into development. All of that can truly boost the development process, turning the delivery team into the simplest and easiest way to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Delivery team cons

Nothing is perfect, so delivery teams have downsides too. 

  • One of the most obvious ones is fast communication. If you and the delivery team are working in very different time zones, but your project requires daily comments and updates, sometimes it can be challenging to work together for more than an hour or two. 
  • You might have less control over the project, which can cause misalignment issues. 
  • Choosing the right delivery team for your niche can also be a daunting task. Unless you choose well, you’ll end up losing precious time.

It’s worth noting, though, that you can overcome those issues by hiring a reputable company to arm you with a delivery team. A successful business with years of experience providing delivery teams, most often than not, also has sophisticated processes for communication, management, and recruiting. 

All things considered, delivery teams are an excellent way to help your business grow, especially if you are just starting and don’t have a similar department in-house. Nevertheless, one should do due research before opting for a reputable delivery team.

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