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HR Portals Can Boost Your Team’s Performance. Here’s How.

With the aid of human resources portals, HR teams save time and can therefore concentrate on other vital parts of the business, such as employee retention and company culture. Let's see how.
Daniel Zacharias

Vesna Blazevski

September 27, 2022
HR portals

Nowadays, human resources is much more than just a nice person in the office, keeping the peace between employees and dealing with health insurance agents. Modern human resources departments of today provide employees with those services and so much more, including helpful portals for instant access and solutions.

What is an HR portal?

An HR portal provides companies with a solution to all of their issues. It’s a piece of software that handles all of an HR professional’s responsibilities, including the hiring and onboarding processes, as well as continuous training and evaluation procedures. It streamlines all HR administration options and incorporates many business functional features, such as content and knowledge management, document management, ticketing, and business process management tools.

With the aid of this application, HR teams save time and can therefore concentrate on other vital parts of the business, such as employee retention and company culture.

How exactly does it affect the performance of staff members?

Surprisingly, HR portals play an essential role in the performance of employees. They help to keep track of all the employee data, including their skills, experience, and qualifications. This information then helps managers make decisions about promotions, pay raises, and other forms of compensation. In addition, HR portals provide employees with access to company resources, such as career advice and office support. They can also help in resolving conflicts between employees and managers.

HR portals typically positively affect employee performance because they provide them with the necessary tools for managing their work and personal life. This technology has a significant effect on employee performance because it helps them to work more efficiently, and it also keeps track of their progress. 

HR portals and employee engagement

A company’s workforce and the human resources department congregate virtually in a human resources portal.

By providing a single point of access through this online portal, the entire organization reduces the time it takes to find specific information, makes it easier for employees to get relevant documents, manages HR processes better, and enhances the company’s reputation.

When made available to employees in a single central area, manuals, communications, subscriptions, and content sharing also reduce printing costs and staff hours. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the implementation of internal HR portals may also result in a decrease of the volume of calls and emails that the business receives. Because of this, users are now more able to locate the materials they need for their work independently, raising user happiness and involvement levels.

What can employees find in HR portals?

An HR portal gives employees new and clear ways to stay connected with one another, and the company as a whole to facilitate better working relationships. Users may find all of the most recent significant updates and communications in this location, in addition to all of the core tools used in the employees’ daily routines.

In order to make it easier for users to communicate with one another, most platforms devote some space to social networks. This helps foster dynamic links between persons working in different departments, which contributes to improving relationships among coworkers. For giant or remote companies, getting to know fellow employees is quite a tough feat, and HR portals help with this issue. 

Five ideas for useful HR portal

Display corporate values

Corporate values are the core of a company. They’re what makes a company unique and differentiates it from its competitors. It’s not just about the logo or the brand but about what drives the company to be successful and what makes it stand out in its industry.

Employees typically use HR portals as a resource to get to know more about the company and its benefits. With this in mind, HR portals should also reflect corporate values so that employees can see how they align with those of their employer. This increases employee engagement and retention rates over time.

Welcome new team members 

HR portals are an excellent way for teams to learn about their new team members and welcome them. Some companies include a photo, role, and overview of the person’s talents and background, while others use it better by including a picture and a textual interview with the new member. This makes it easier to recognize coworkers in person and online.


HR can automatically invite employees to self-assess quarterly or semi-annually through HR portals. These reviews retrieve employee feedback using progress percentages or satisfaction stars to facilitate the feedback form and minimize personal displeasure. Within the same portal, HR can then ask for thoughts about colleagues and bosses by allowing users to register anonymous complaints using a form. Monitoring employees’ perspectives gives managers and business owners a thorough picture of the organization’s dynamics.

Live events 

Live events help overcome the distance between workers and sustain instant connection as digitalization and remote work spread. HR or prospective supervisors could even conduct a live double interview for a new employee entering the organization.

Job postings 

Many HR reps also post job postings within HR portals. This helps major firms evaluate internal availability before searching for new applicants outside the company. Each employee receives a list of opportunities, dates to apply, and role criteria on the HR portal. HR then has access to an application management section to view all applicants’ profiles and assess potential candidates.

Encourage socialization 

HR portals are essential for employees to access their benefits and company information. However, only featuring this information creates a dull and uninviting space. Encouraging fun and socialization are crucial in HR portals. These portals should feature things like digital activities or postings about in-person ones so that people can interact with each other in a fun way.

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