Our eCommerce development team specializes in building integrated eCommerce infrastructures optimized for providing an effortless customer experience. We set up front-office and back-office automation, maintain interoperability within the connected environment and provide intuitive tools for non-technical users to manage their eCommerce solutions.


We leverage our gaming experience and educational software development domain expertise to enhance learning, training, and knowledge sharing processes assisting our clients in taking the first step toward a highly efficient and engaging way of online education. Our e-learning software developers engineer custom educational platforms that transform the course of learning.

Real Estate

Our industry-specific skilled engineers can augment your existing IT teams to revamp your real estate software solutions. To keep pace with the fast-growing real estate industry we engineer сustom software solutions including database software, CRM & ERP systems, applications for real estate agents, property management apps, multiple listing services, websites, and PWAs.


Being an expert in software development for telecommunications companies, we are highly skilled in designing and building telecom software solutions that will boost businesses to another level. We are experts in connectivity solutions, helping telecom providers of all types step up their operational performance and competitiveness through new digital services. We know how to apply the best practices and latest technologies for faster and smoother connections worldwide.


Our experienced interdisciplinary software development team knows the technical requirements of the energy sector and uses cutting-edge processes and technologies to ensure availability and integration with existing systems. Our software team has proven expertise in designing and engineering customized energy sector cross-platform, technology-intensive, frontend and backend technology solutions for data-driven decision-making powered by cutting-edge technologies.

Gaming & eSports

Harness our tremendous game development power. We specialize in auxiliary game system development and power some of the biggest games. Our expert engineers are also hardcore gamers. During the day they architect, build features, maintain critical api’s or auxiliary game systems, and at night they’re fragging on the latest titles.

Healthcare & Biotech

We provide software engineering services to assist our clients in harnessing technological innovations to provide exceptional healthcare. Our expertise in the healthcare industry software development means we know how to marry medical and technological breakthroughs to create sophisticated technology solutions. We build tailored interconnected environments and tiered healthcare infrastructures to accommodate internal and customer-facing software for digital healthcare provision.

Financial & Fintech

Our expert teams will engineer complex software solutions for big and small financial businesses looking to develop successful, digitally-enabled financial operations. Our experienced engineers are ready to transform your financial services organization with cutting-edge technologies, integrating financial solutions into larger software ecosystems or incorporating them into third-party platforms. We provide software solutions that enable financial companies to deliver exceptional services by improving operational efficiency.


Our expert software engineers have outstanding cybersecurity skills and expertise in implementing high-level security features in networks that demand remote access while protecting the safety and integrity of corporate data in multiple locations across the globe. We can expand your existing cybersecurity solutions by integrating customizable functions, features, and capabilities for enhanced flexibility and usability with your company’s current architecture and procedures.

Media & Advertising

Our expert team is experienced in helping businesses adapt to current trends by engineering custom software solutions that best fit the media and advertising industry. We have an extended track record in working with media and advertising companies of all sizes, helping them stay one step ahead of their consumers’ needs, and engage and inspire audiences with on-demand, relevant, unique and adaptable digital experiences.

We power the world's most ambitious companies

We power the world's most ambitious companies