The power of communal engineering

Engineering excellence isn’t just about technical proficiency – it’s about creating a culture of growth, collaboration, and continuous learning. To that end, we’ve developed a working environment that empowers our engineers to explore new areas of interest, develop new skills, and coordinate efforts to tackle complex problems. We call this approach our engineering ingenuity.

The foundations of our collaborative spirit

We believe that everyone has something to contribute, and we’re committed to creating an environment where all ideas are welcome and all team members can thrive. We also know that true innovation doesn’t come from a single individual, but rather from teams working together to solve complex problems. That’s why we established collaboration and continuous growth as pillars of our company.

We’ve institutionalized this vision through our chapter and guild system, which helps our engineers develop their skills and knowledge in focused areas while also fostering a collaborative spirit that benefits everyone on the team.

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Our continuous learning mindset

The world of software engineering is constantly evolving, sometimes at breakneck speeds. In that context, the key to staying ahead of the curve is a mindset of curiosity and exploration. To support this mindset, we provide a range of resources, from training courses to workshops and discussions, that help our engineers stay up-to-date with the latest developments in their fields. Our commitment to continuous learning is what drives our engineering ingenuity.

Here are the defining traits of the Code Power mindset:


A desire to explore new ideas and approaches, and a willingness to ask questions and seek out answers.


An ability to adjust to changing circumstances and an eagerness to try new things.

Growth mindset

A belief in our ability to learn and improve, and the readiness to embrace challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth.


The openness to consider different perspectives and approaches, and a respect for diverse opinions and experiences.

Self-directed learning

A proactive approach to learning, taking ownership of our personal and professional development.

Sharing knowledge

A desire to share knowledge and expertise with others, and a belief in the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing.


A focus on setting and achieving goals, and the energy to work hard to achieve them.


The aspiration to persevere in the face of challenges and setbacks, and an ability to bounce back from failure.


A passion for discovering new solutions and approaches, and to think creatively and outside the box.

Learning agility

An ability to quickly learn new skills and adapt to new situations.

Chapters: The Power of Focus

We use a chapter system to help our engineers develop their skills and knowledge in focused areas such as management or QA. We pick a subject matter expert for each chapter who leads and works with other members to develop training and development programs, share knowledge, and drive innovation in our operations.

Some of the benefits of our chapter system include:

Focused skill-building

Our chapters help our engineers develop deep expertise in specific areas, providing a foundation for long-term career growth.


By bringing together engineers with similar interests and areas of expertise, chapters create opportunities for knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

Professional development

Chapters provide a structured approach to professional development, with regular training and development programs that help our engineers stay up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in their fields.


Chapters foster a sense of community and belonging among our engineers, helping to create a supportive and collaborative culture.


By bringing together diverse perspectives and ideas, our chapter system drives innovation and helps us stay ahead of the curve in our industry.

Guilds: Collaborative Innovation

Our guilds foster collaboration and innovation across different areas of Code Power. Guilds are cross-functional groups of engineers, designers, and other professionals who come together to share knowledge, brainstorm ideas, and tackle challenging problems involving specific topics such as UX or blockchain.

Some of the benefits of our guild system include:

Cross-functional collaboration

Guilds bring together people from different areas, providing opportunities for cross-functional collaboration and idea-sharing.

Creative problem-solving

By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, our guild system helps us tackle complex problems and drive innovative solutions.

Career development

Guilds give engineers and other professionals the chance to develop new skills, take on leadership roles, and grow their careers within Code Power.


Our guild system is a platform for networking and building relationships across different areas of our organization, helping to create a strong and supportive community.