What are guilds

Guilds are groups of people who share a common interest or skill set within a company. They are typically cross-functional and self-organized, with members coming together to collaborate, share knowledge, and work on projects related to their area of expertise. That way, you can find, for example, guilds organized around gaming, UX, DevOps, or Web3.

Guilds have a fluid and dynamic nature, which allows members to move in and out of groups as their interests and needs change. At Code Power, we use guilds to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Through them, we can break down silos and encourage collaboration across different teams and departments.

Through guilds, our teams come together and share their knowledge and expertise in a collaborative and supportive environment, with the ultimate goal of improving our performance. and supporting the professional growth of our team members.

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Benefits of our guilds

As one of the pillars of our engineering ingenuity, guilds support the continuous learning approach that fuels the growth of our teams. But that’s just one reason why guilds have become so essential for us.

Guilds offer plenty of benefits for everyone at Code Power. They provide the company with a smart operative structure, offer team members a place to learn and grow, and positively influence the work we do for our clients.

Encouraging knowledge sharing and collaboration among Code Power members.

Facilitating cross-functional learning and breaking down silos.

Providing opportunities for professional development and career growth.

Fostering a sense of community and promoting a positive company culture.

Encouraging experimentation and driving innovation and creativity.

Improving the quality and consistency of our engineering efforts.

Speeding up our work processes and reducing time-to-market for new solutions.

Our engineering ingenuity

At Code Power, we’re always learning and growing as a team. We believe in working together across different departments to come up with the best solutions for our clients. Our guilds are a big part of that, but we’ve got more tricks up our sleeves. Our chapters and our continuous learning philosophy round out our engineering ingenuity that makes us so successful. It’s all about constantly improving our skills and keep evolving.

Our engineering ingenuity is what makes us stand out from the crowd. We love a good challenge, and we’re always pushing ourselves to think outside the box and come up with new and innovative solutions. But we’re not just about the tech – we’re also passionate about helping our team members grow and reach their full potential.