Engage your customers with immersive experiences

Are you looking to build interactive elements for your company? Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) can do just that, and we are here to help bring your vision to life. Our team of experienced developers can create custom AR and VR solutions to completely engage and excite your audience. From training simulations to interactive product displays, the possibilities are endless. Let us help you take your project to the next level.

Types of VR solutions for business

Our long experience working with virtual reality has shown us that this technology can serve multiple business purposes. You can use VR to better engage with your customers, train your staff, augment your data visualization capabilities, and even have fun! Given the massive potential of VR, we can only mention some of the many types of VR solutions we have developed over the years.


VR games

Many of our engineers come from the gaming industry, so their skills really shine through when developing VR games. We can bring your vision to life through high-definition graphics and animations, and a smooth performance that guarantees an engrossing experience.

VR training tools

We can build immersive experiences to help your team members train working on sensitive and/or dangerous tasks in a safe environment. From medical simulations to complex energy systems, we can take your training programs to the next level — the VR level!

Virtual maps

Offer people the opportunity to take a virtual tour of your facilities or showcase locations of importance in a 3D environment, for users to interact with them. With our help, we can create 360-degree experiences that invite everyone to explore.

Types of AR solutions for business

Augmented reality, just like VR, is a great way to engage with your customers, team members, and partners. Through it, you can create new paths for connection, providing valuable data and diverse elements to redefine your operations, customer support, and training programs. The limits of AR are exactly the same as those of your imagination, but a few examples of AR solutions include the following.


E-commerce apps

You can use AR to enrich your e-commerce experience and offer exciting features for your customers. From AR-based tools used to see how well a shirt looks on a real person to features that let you check specific characteristics of products before your eyes, we can use AR to reimagine your e-commerce.

Medical apps

The medical field is filled with complex processes and operations professionals must train for. What’s better than training them through AR-based applications that allow people to hone their skills safely and in a highly educational environment?

Marketing apps

You can’t argue that AR makes up for a great marketing stunt. With this technology, you can refresh your product launches, liven up your corporate events, and even complement your social media campaigns through AR gamification.

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Why choose Code Power for AR/VR development

With AR and VR being so new, it’s understandable that you don’t know who to turn to for help. Don’t worry! Code Power is the ally you need to properly take advantage of those technologies. As a company with roots in the gaming industry, we have a deep understanding of AR and VR, as both have been present in video games for a long time.


But that’s not all. Our AR and VR developers love working on innovative products, as they allow them to showcase their abilities and contribute to new engagement experiences. On top of that, we have a solid portfolio of AR and VR projects we’ve developed in conjunction with enterprises and startups. Our work speaks for itself, so check it out to see what we’re made of.

AR/VR Development That Meets Your Every Expectation

There’s a lot of hype surrounding augmented and virtual reality, so it’s easy to get disappointed when they don’t revolutionize your operations. That doesn’t need to happen to you! With Code Power, you can access years of combined experience with AR and VR, which, coupled with our battle-tested processes and our keen eye for innovation, will guarantee the quality and performance of your AR and VR solutions.