Project Start: September 2018

Partnering with institutional investors and commercial developers, Sojourn provides beautiful short-term rental apartments in the most exciting urban centers.


Sojourn came to us to fix a lot of user experience issues with an early version of their website. Their goal was to help make it more user friendly and increase conversions. 


Their current back-end booking management was highly manual. They needed a way to streamline the process to reduce the manpower needed to do the tasks. In addition to engineering resources, they needed guidance on fundraising and introductions to investors interested in their industry.


Our design and engineering teams worked with Sojourn and their users to create a website that not only modernized the user experience but helped them reduce operational overhead through automation of key processes. After the delivery of the first version of the new web/mobile experience, Optic has been re-engaged to continue to optimize the overall experience based on analytics and partner/customer feedback.


Armed with a functioning website and operational efficiency they didn’t previously have, Sojourn was able to move faster than ever before and leverage our advisory services and key introductions to investors that have joined their current round and board, setting Sojourn up for exponential growth.


3 Months

3 Resource Team


From The Client

“We didn’t have anything we felt good about showing clients, investors, or commercial developers before hiring Optic. Now, our website aligns with our vision.”

- Ryan Anderson, CEO