Building a Dependable Esports Betting Experience

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Unikrn is a trailblazer in the online betting industry. Owned by Entain (a top 5 global gambling company), it is part of the family of brands like bwin, Ladbrokes, and betMGM. The platform offers plenty of options for users to bet on esports competitions. Through its unique system, fans can bet, play, watch, and even buy games while enjoying some of the best odds in the field. What’s more, Unikrn also provides tips and data-backed insights for its community to make informed betting decisions.

The Project

Unikrn’s groundbreaking idea had multiple challenges. The company needed to build a platform with the ability to pull out data from online games in real time and in a secure way. To do so, they needed to reverse engineer the connections with the biggest esports platforms to understand the data flow. What’s more, Unikrn also needed the right engineers to create a robust system to place the bets. Lacking the proper talent to do that, Unikrn contacted Code Power to tackle the project.

Our Solution

Code Power had a reverse engineer ready to start the project on cue, which allowed us to hit the ground running. We also assembled the right core development team that allowed us to design and build the platform according to Unikrn’s needs and objectives. Those requirements drove us to gather a 12-person team, averaging 8+ years of experience. Our team divided the entire project into sprints and focused on developing and connecting the platform to one of the four major esports games at a time: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA2, Fortnite, and League of Legends. As we moved forward, we developed everything from the login and registration processes to the dashboards, quests, and overall security.

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

Working closely with Unikrn’s team, we took on a fixed bid, long timeline, big budget, and complex project -and by using a thorough scoping stage up front – we helped them derisk the project and produce accurate estimates. We were able to design, architect, and build the platform of their dreams, and we delivered ahead of schedule. Our in-depth experience in the gaming and esports industries in general and our ability to build communication layers from past projects, in particular, proved to be defining factors in the success of this engagement. Equally important was the hard-to-come-by talent we had on demand and ready to start working, something that significantly accelerated the whole process, helping Unikrn meet their deadlines with a robust and sophisticated product.

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