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Renzoe Box

Renzoe Box is a company that seeks to revolutionize the way to organize and travel with makeup. The Renzoe Box is a luxury makeup clutch intended to replace ordinary makeup bags, providing customers with a fancy and personalizable makeup experience. Just by getting together different Renzoe Pods into a unique combo, customers can arrange a new makeup routine tailored to their preferences.

The Project

The people over at Renzoe Box wanted to build an ecommerce store to sell their custom makeup bundles. The website had to display the main company values: elegance, sophistication, and convenience. They already had designs for the store but they lacked the skills to bring it to life. That was especially true for the backend, as Renzoe Box didn’t just want a beautiful website but also a highly functional one that they could easily manage.

Our Solution

Code Power knew what needed to be done from the first meeting with the Renzoe Box team. Using Shopify as the foundation for the online store, we quickly implemented the designs and developed a solid backend to easily manage products and sales. At Renzoe Box’s request, we also built a tool to automatically import the inventory from the company’s supplier, streamlining the whole process and providing their team with a highly efficient way to handle their inventory.

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

Renzoe Box decided to partner with Code Power because of our experience, proven track record, and strict adherence to their proposed timeline. Using our skills and experience, we were able to deliver the finished store within the 6-month deadline. We designed, developed, and tested the entire website following best development practices and provided the company with an ecommerce platform that met their expectations.

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