Building the ESPN of Esports

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Juked is a Social Media that helps discover, watch, and engage with the best events and content across the global esports community. With Juked, esports fans can stay connected with the esports games, teams, and players they love.

The Challenge

Juked was facing an upcoming esports event and needed to launch its web product before this date. As a startup, they also had a pressing urge to show a working product to investors to continue receiving the funding they needed to grow.

The main challenge the Coding Power team needed to attack was to determine an MVP that adapted to their budget, expertly selecting a feature set that would deliver outstanding performance.

The Solution

The Code Power team had a clear goal in mind: bring unique & high-performing solutions for Juked’s needs. Before Juked (, there was no way to access centralized, real-time information and live streaming simultaneously on all esports. Our developers started working with a lightweight team on building an MVP for this ESPN for esports. Juked needed a quick 2-week initial release to review internally and a final release to the public three months later.

Code Power’s team built a five-pane view that allowed to visualize five games at once. It relied on live interaction with Twitch using Firebase. It managed to fastly aggregate and index data from different sources while being designed for scale to support millions of viewers.

Tech Stack

The Result

What began initially as a 3-month contract then evolved into a 2-year ongoing development project. It later pivoted into the Juked Mobile project, working with a larger team that led alpha testing with a core group and built a high-performing React-Native application.

Not only this, but taking into consideration the client’s particular needs, our Code Power teams also provided an additional service that involved training Tech Leads. Our deep-set knowledge of the industry allowed us to help Juked hire and educate tech leads. Juked was in charge of the sourcing process, and our experts participated in interviewing candidates and offering valuable feedback. At the same time, they trained junior candidates to develop into senior roles. Our team held regular 1-on-1 meetings and worked actively to generate a beneficial integrated team dynamic.

Code Power’s work was central to Juked’s growth. Our deliverables had an immediate impact that drove product development when the company was stagnant in hiring qualified talent. We also contributed to their hiring process with our technical expertise and ultimately powered their engineering lift.

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