Empowering People With Personal Identity Tracking

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Neuro ID

Neuro-ID is a company with a mission: to solve the digital identity crisis by transforming how businesses detect and monitor digital identities. NeuroID’s flagship behavioral detection products, ID Crowd Alert and ID Orchestrator, offer a new level of visibility into the intent and identity of every customer, bot, fraud ring, and prospect.

The Project

While looking to evolve their offerings, Neuro-ID wanted to provide their customers with the possibility of using the company’s tracking abilities in other platforms and solutions. To do so, they needed a team that was able to integrate the user tracking actions used on certain forms into a software development kit. Neuro-ID wanted high-quality and quick development, which is why they trusted Code Power with the project.

Our Solution

The most important aspect of the project was the timeframe for its completion. Neuro-ID wanted to have it done in 3 months time, which is why they needed an expert team to start working as soon as possible. That’s precisely what Code Power provided them: key engineers to integrate the tracking actions into an easy-to-use SDK that third-party developers could use to empower their own tech with Neuro-ID’s data-tracking capabilities.

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

Code Power had the know-how, the talent, and the processes to meet Neuro-ID’s ambitious timeline. We had already worked with SDKs in other projects, so we had the experience they needed to arrive at a successful solution within their defined timeframe. Aside from that, our inherent ability to join in-house teams and start adding value from day one was crucial for Neuro-ID to choose us as their development partner.

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