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Team Liquid

Team Liquid is a top 3 professional gaming organization established in 2000. What began as a clan and StarCraft community site has now turned into a multifaceted global company with unparalleled reach in the industry. At its core, Team Liquid still is a successful esports team with over 60 championship-caliber athletes in 14 of the world’s top games. However, the company is also a media enterprise that invests in esports facilities, infrastructure, and resources.

The Project

Team Liquid is always looking to develop the next big thing in the world of esports, which is why they came up with an idea to generate new experiences for people to connect with their favorite players and games. Thus, the new experience would feature quests inviting people to engage with Team Liquid pros and streamers to earn points. Users could then redeem those points to win exclusive prizes. The company wanted to build the new experience within an ambitious timeline, which is why they trusted Code Power to help.

Our Solution

Code Power quickly gathered a team of highly skilled professionals, including an engineering manager, full-stack developers, and QA engineers. The team diligently worked on both the front and back ends to ensure performance, security, and scalability. The work included the development of the quests, loyalty, Twitch, and broadcast services as well as the creation of critical interface elements

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

Team Liquid knew that Code Power had the gaming understanding and know-how to meet their requirements and goals. As ourselves, the Code Power team quickly aligned with Team Liquid’s objectives and built each back and front-end component following the highest development standards.

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