Evolving Document Fraud Detection in Proptech

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Snappt was born out of a pressing need for transparency and efficiency in fraud detection within the proptech industry. The company’s platform uses a data-driven tenant screening system to help property managers identify fraudulently modified documents used for applications in the multifamily real estate space.

The Project

When Snappt first got in touch with Code Power, they were a young startup with a great idea but riddled with challenges. They had drafted the project for their platform and had some general knowledge of their objectives, but had a limited budget for engineering and needed more defined requirements and overall scope. They also needed an expert but flexible team they could scale up and down depending on their needs.

Our Solution

At first, Code Power rolled out a small team to help them plan and strategize the platform’s development. Rather than being only a staff augmentation vendor, we became a technical partner for Snappt, advising them on product development and helping them build its innovative fraud detection solution. We engineered the platform from the ground up, even scaling our team up to 100 engineers as development moved forward.

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

The Snappt team was thrilled with Code Power’s performance throughout the project. On top of providing them with the tech expertise they needed, we also became advisors in product strategy, which helped them to greatly streamline the project’s roadmap. What’s more, our optimized process allowed Snapp to become more cost-efficient, helping them reach their objectives faster and without going over budget.

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