From start-up to Unicorn

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With 30 years of experience in property management, Snappt is a document fraud detection platform that enables data-driven tenant screening. It is currently used in the real estate space to review documents and detect edits to determine their authenticity and minimize losses from fraud.

We have partnered with Snappt since their early stages as a startup and have proudly accompanied their company growth. They have recently received a $100m Series A in 2022.

The Challenge

Snappt’s founders came from a non-technical background and needed a highly-qualified engineering team that could provide flexibility that matched every state of their business growth. Not only this, but they also needed a partner that could contribute deep-rooted expertise to help them align their goals and expectations facing their product launch.

The Solution

At Code Power, we build companies, not just products. We became the partner Snappt needed offering technical leadership, guidance, advice, and trust that led to building their platform from the ground up. We built a small team that scaled up and down over time, reaching 100+ tech experts who remain the company’s sole engineering effort.

Some of the key differentiators of our value proposition include:
• A rolling 3-month contract with the ability to scale up/down quickly.
• A cost-efficient structure.
• Providing critical insights into strategy & planning.
• Being a technical partner. We advised their team, sat with customers and investors, and gave them technical & product direction.

The Result

Being an active part of discussions, the Code Power team built the front-end, back-end and scaffolding of the product, powering innovation and adding value & velocity every step of the way.

Our partnership with Snappt began providing product strategy directly. As the internal Snappt team expanded, we have adjusted our role to fit their internal team. Currently, we are providing their primary engineering, PM, EM, DevOps, and IS/compliance. We are always willing to adapt to new ways of working that best fit our clients’ needs.

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