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BUILD is a California-based EdTech company that trains 400+ teachers and serves thousands of students in 53 cities in the US with 1-year programs and virtual offerings nationwide. Through the experience of running a real business, students demonstrate increased proficiency in critical competencies like communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

BUILD is, at its core, an educational program to teach children from middle school to high school how to be entrepreneurs. In other words, being successful in coming up with business ideas, building concepts, pitching them, the proper decision-making logic, and much more.

The Challenge

BUILD approached Coding Power to lead success in their growing organization through game development expertise. They were working with an existing WordPress site to distribute their course, which wasn’t consistent or centralized and had various limitations. They needed a partner to ideate, design, architect, and build a web-based game featuring interactive business skills and mini-game elements, allowing students to experience a real-time decision-making process. This game called Family Business needed to cater to 12-17-year-old students who participate in a classroom environment.

These student-accessible courses also had to be managed via a Learning Management System (LMS), which engages students through the learning process. The LMS had to provide control over the progress, results, and instructor flow management.

The Solution

After a deep-dive discovery session, Code Power’s gamification experts mastered and conceptualized their needs, defined the structure & thought-design-decision tree of the game, designed it, and successfully implemented it with a talented team involving UX/UI designers, developers, QA engineers, and other gaming experts.

Tech Stack

The Result

Code Power integrated the LMS front-end with the new BUILD Family Business game. It was designed to have a flexible structure with a dynamic choose-your-story-flow which provided an educational opportunity for each student. It was built with highly graphical interface elements and a health meter system to aid with progress and learning tracking, as it gives access to the current status of all students and classes.

Code Power organized recurring meetings with Build.org to elicit requirements, dig deeper into discovery, and review our progress. As we advanced through the development cycles organized in sprints, we continued to work closely with the client representatives to push forward in the challenges, art conceptualization, tool management, art, design & implementation reviews. BUILD has been providing student feedback channels to help improve the results by periodically putting student playtesting sessions in place and then routing their comments to the team. Code Power catered to this need by creating a tool to assist in ongoing additions and changes to the system.

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