Redefining Music Experiences for the Metaverse

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Immuse is an immersive music platform where music and 3D Augmented Reality visuals converge. The company leverages NFTs to power both digital and in-real-life experiences connected to the Metaverse. Immuse allows musicians and fans to co-create and distribute experiential visual music in a highly disruptive and engaging way. It also provides both artists and supporters with royalties for their creations.

The Project

Immuse wanted to build an app to become the leading music experience inside the Metaverse. By using blockchain technology, mainly in the form of NFTs, and Augmented Reality, the app would connect artists and fans to give them the ability to build and distribute visual music experiences. Immuse had a pressing need for highly specialized and scarce talent that wasn’t easy to find. The project also had a very ambitious (and non-negotiable) timeline and a broad scope whose tasks needed to be prioritized to build a detailed roadmap. That’s why they reached out to Code Power.

Our Solution

Code Power gathered a team of highly-trained engineers and, thanks to our swift onboarding methodology and effective project management process, we were ready to start working in no time. Closely collaborating with Immuse, they validated the requirements we defined and the blockers we removed. Thus, our team carefully developed and tested each and every component of the application, and delivered an MVP for requirements and feature definition in 2 weeks and a fully-fledged application less than 2 months after MVP’s release.

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

Through our selection process, we handpick the best talent that stands out because of their technical expertise, specific experience, and fiery passion for tech. That’s why Code Power was the perfect fit for Immuse: when they came to us, we already had that unique talent in our staff. Internal guilds, like the Web3 Guild, also played a key role, providing a space for discussing potential solutions that paved the way for the team’s abilities to shine.

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