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Juked is a social media platform that lets people discover, watch, and engage with the best events and content across the global esports community. With Juked, esports fans can stay connected with the esports teams and players they love while being up to date on the latest esports news.

The Project

Juked had already mapped out their idea for the social media platform but were lagging behind with their expected timeline. A huge esports event was approaching, so Juked wanted to launch its web platform before its beginning. That’s not all. As a startup, they also had to deal with the pressure of investors that wanted to see a working prototype as soon as possible. They had no time to waste – so they reached out to Code Power to develop an MVP within their tight budget.

Our Solution

We started out with a small team to build an MVP for the web platform, which was to become a sort of ESPN for esports. After just 2 weeks, we were able to deliver an initial prototype for internal review. After its approval, we continued working on the product, engineering a five-pane view to allow users to enjoy five games at once through a Twitch live interaction. The resulting platform was able to quickly aggregate and index data from different sources while being designed to scale to support millions of users. 

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

Juked was so pleased with how the Code Power team delivered the web platform that it extended the partnership for a couple of extra projects. Our in-depth expertise and battle-tested processes helped meet all deadlines, which is why Juked trusted us to work on the mobile counterpart of the web platform. Additionally, they asked us to help them with finding and training a tech lead, given our years of experience in filling highly specialized tech roles.

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