Securing Personal Data in the Digital Space

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PrivacyAI is a company with a sole purpose: to help people remove their private and personal information from people search, marketing databases, and other malicious sites. By scraping the web and scanning over 100 of the top offender sites, PrivacyAI can detect and remove identification data while reducing the impact that spammers, scammers, and bad actors can have with such information.

The Project

PrivacyAI had the idea for an API that would automate the process of scanning and removing personally identifiable information from the web. However, they lacked the expertise and know-how to turn that idea into a high-performing reality. That’s why they contacted Code Power to help with the entire process, from defining scope and requirements to launching the API itself.

Our Solution

Code Power met with the PrivacyAI team to understand their objectives and requirements. After defining the scope of the project, we designed, architected, and developed the scraping API. We also provided key resources to handle other basic processes throughout the development, including QA and testing and engagement with beta customers.

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

Code Power was able to fulfill PrivacyAI’s needs and expectations because of our in-depth expertise working with APIs for integrating multiple services. Besides, our recruitment process allowed us to find the best professionals for the project. What’s more, our robust development process provided a secure roadmap that guided the entire work, leading to a timely delivery of the solution.

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