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Build is a California-based EdTech company that trains 400+ teachers and serves thousands of students in 53 cities across the US. Build is, at its core, an educational program that teaches children from middle school to high school how to be entrepreneurs. In other words, being successful in coming up with business ideas, building concepts, pitching them, the proper decision-making logic, and much more.

The Project

Engaging with teenagers for educational purposes is a significant challenge in the digital age. That’s why Build wanted to create a web-based visual novel-styled game featuring interactive mini-game elements. The idea is for students between 12-17 to play the game in a classroom environment to help them learn new concepts. Build also wanted to offer the possibility to manage the game through a Learning Management System (LMS), which would provide control over the progress, results, and instructor flow management.

Our Solution

Code Power dived head-first into the project knowing there was no time to lose. At first, our team of UX/UI designers, developers and QA engineers carefully defined the project’s scope and requirements. Then, our engineers started working on the game, relying on detailed feedback from student playtesting sessions to better build the platform. Doing that allowed us to create a game with a flexible structure, define the architecture, and come up with a vivid graphical interface.

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

Our deep experience in the gaming industry was decisive for Build to choose us as their development partner. They knew we could conceptualize, design, architect, and develop the perfect solution for their needs. What’s more, we had the talent and the processes to meet their deadlines without compromising their budget. The results were so impressive that Build decided to extend their partnership with Code Power in order to tackle the development of a new project to help students in a more structured and less gamified way.

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