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Connect Marketing

Connect Marketing is a full-service marketing agency that combines the comprehensive services of a big marketing firm with the personalized approach of a boutique company. For over three decades, Connect Marketing has helped companies ranging from start-up ventures to billion-dollar brands with their specific marketing challenges.

The Project

Connect Marketing was looking to expand their offerings to help their clients achieve their marketing goals in a more efficient way. That’s why they wanted to develop a Windows app that combined a calendar with a task manager. Such a tool would automatically schedule tasks and allow users to manage them easily from within a single platform. More importantly, Connect Marketing wanted a highly-personalized solution, which is why they reached out to Code Power.

Our Solution

The Code Power team understood that we couldn’t tackle the project as just another calendar app. That’s why we dove into a comprehensive discovery phase to gather the requirements and define the scope. After that, we led regular meetings with Connect Marketing’s team to align their expectations with our work. The outcome was a high-performing desktop app with a tailor-made look and feel.

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

Personalization and performance were key requirements for Connect Marketing’s idea. That’s why they decided to team up with Code Power — our development and team-building approach provides the right engineers and offers a flexible process to guarantee results and meet all expectations. More importantly, our team has extensive experience working with tight deadlines while relying on processes driven by customer feedback, both of which were essential for Connect Marketing.

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