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Mente Serena

Mente Serena is a startup with a complete healthcare platform to provide patients with a direct digital access to doctors and health practitioners. Their community aims to provide different communication channels for people to talk to medical professionals without leaving their houses. Mente Serena’s platform is packed with features that evolve the healthcare practice.

The Project

Mente Serena needed a group of experienced engineers to create a core feature for their telehealth platform: a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing platform. The requirements for this solution were highly demanding. Apart from the multiple requisites stemming from HIPAA standards, the company wanted a platform with high quality video and audio and with superb performance. What’s more, they wanted it to be complete in under 6 months. Everyone at Code Power knew we could do it.

Our Solution

Leveraging our experience within the gaming industry, we got down to work with Elixir to take full advantage of its beneficial performance, especially its renowned low latency. The team combined that back end with a React-based interface to come up with a streamlined video experience that people of all ages and technical backgrounds could easily understand and use. Our work was iterative, which helped us ensure the robustness and security of the resulting platform.

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

Though seemingly unrelated, our experience in the gaming industry proved to be a great asset to tackle Mente Serena’s project. That’s because Code Power’s team honed their skills pleasing a highly demanding audience while keeping platforms secure and running smoothly. That experience directly translated into an in-depth understanding of how to deal with sensitive and data-driven platforms, which allowed us to better deal with Mente Serena’s requirements.

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