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Friendbase is a 2D virtual world game where you can create your own avatars, dress them with all kinds of outfits, customize rooms, play games, and hang out with friends. It’s the ideal place to meet new people and express yourself in a vibrant and fun little world.

The Project

The team behind Friendbase had an ambitious plan: to significantly enhance the game by introducing innovative features and renovating its overall feel. The final goal was to go through an exciting evolution that completely reimagined its digital universe while elevating the game experience through and through.

Our Solution

Code Power curated a dream team of hand-picked talent, including a product designer, a visual artist, a project manager, and three developers to code new features. We then went on to craft a robust architecture to ensure scalability, embed new social elements into the game, and completely revolutionize the game’s look and feel. As if that wasn’t enough, we also provided maintenance and support services to address bugs and issues hindering the game’s performance. The result of all this work? We boosted the registration process completion rate, which skyrocketed from 11.5% to 70.8%, a whopping increase of over 500%.

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

Friendbase and Code Power teamed up seamlessly, with Friendbase recognizing the perfect match in Code Power’s engineering expertise, well-honed processes, and deep gaming knowledge. Code Power’s contribution breathed new life into Friendbase throughout the entire process, meeting every goal within the proposed timeline. This collaboration resulted in a whole new social gaming experience that players love.

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