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100 Thieves stands out as both a gaming organization and a premium lifestyle brand, boasting a distinct sense of style and culture. With teams competing in Call of Duty, Fortnite, and League of Legends, they are a strong competitor across different tournaments and have even clinched several major esports championships in CoD. Beyond gaming, 100 Thieves is renowned for its trendy urban apparel, made through partnerships with major names like Cash App, Chipotle, Lexus, and more.

The Project

100 Thieves recognized the need to boost its League of Legends team’s performance with detailed insights. Their solution? Creating a tailor-made data analysis platform designed specifically for their requirements. The project aimed to develop a data pipeline capable of gathering and reformatting all their gaming and scrimmage data, setting the stage for in-depth analysis in the future.

Our Solution

Code Power quickly assembled a tech team of senior data and API engineers to work on the project. Our team enhanced 100 Thieves’ data capabilities by automating the entire process of gathering, processing, formatting, and displaying gaming data in real-time. This evolution resulted from close collaboration with the 100 Thieves team, which helped us understand their detailed needs, allowing us to craft different features to meet their expectations precisely.

Tech Stack

Why Code Power

100 Thieves found Code Power to be the perfect partner, as our engineering proficiency, well-established processes, and inherent gaming knowledge aligned seamlessly with their needs. Within a remarkably short period of less than four months, we successfully delivered all the agreed-upon project deliverables, leaving 100 Thieves thrilled with their newly expanded data capabilities.

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