Nearshore Staff Augmentation 101: What You Need To Know

The high-paced dynamics of today’s business world have forced companies to a continuous tech adoption process. This led brands of all sizes and industries to look for the tech talent they needed to help them with their digital transformation. Unfortunately, lacking highly skilled professionals is a tough challenge for everyone.

That explains why many businesses are turning to staff augmentation services to fill their talent gaps. By engaging with staff augmentation companies, brands can quickly access the tech experts they require to move forward. There are a few different ways of doing this, but more and more businesses are choosing nearshore staff augmentation as their standard engagement.

What does that mean?

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What is nearshore staff augmentation?

To better understand what we mean by nearshore staff augmentation, it’s essential to define the two terms that make up this concept: nearshore outsourcing and staff augmentation.

Staff augmentation

Refers to the practice of hiring a third party to access on-demand professionals that can help in-house teams with their daily tasks. In software development, this happens when businesses look outside their organizations for software engineers that can fill the talent gaps in their in-house teams.

Nearshore staff augmentation, therefore, is the practice of hiring an external company located in the same (or a very similar) timezone to fill in the talent gaps of an in-house team.

Nearshore outsourcing

Is a form of outsourcing with both the hiring company and the service provider operating in the same (or very similar) timezone. When a business engages in nearshore outsourcing, it partners with a provider in a nearby country or region. For example, a Western European company that hires an Eastern European provider engages in nearshore outsourcing.

Thus, nearshore outsourcing differs from onshore and offshore outsourcing, other standard practices when augmenting staff. Onshore outsourcing implies that the company needing tech talent hires a staff augmentation provider in its own country. Offshore outsourcing has a company hiring a provider located in a distant region or country (such as a US-based business employing an Indian staff augmentation organization).

Benefits of nearshore staff augmentation

Most companies see nearshore staff augmentation as a great and easy way to hire the talent they need for their digital projects. But that’s far from being the only benefit of this practice. Other equally important advantages to nearshore staff augmentation include the following.

It allows you to scale up your team quickly

Nearshore staff augmentation lets you get a hold of the tech professionals you need to boost any development project you might be tackling. The best thing is that engaging with a staff augmentation company allows you to scale up your team at a moment’s notice and in a short time. That’s because staff augmentation service providers already have a vetted pool of engineering talent ready to hit the ground running.

That way, you’ll hire highly skilled professionals with enough experience to add value to your team from the get-go. What’s more, you’ll be relieved from the costly and time-consuming hiring process, thus earning more time to devote to critical tasks for your business.

It provides access to highly specialized tech talent

One of the best aspects of nearshore staff augmentation is leveraging it to find even the most specific roles for your team. This is extremely useful in times of talent shortages affecting all industries. You won’t have to struggle to find the talent you need to move forward — the nearshore staff augmentation company will have that talent ready for you.

That ability turns those providers into strategic partners throughout the development lifecycle. That’s because you can resort to them at any time, thus unlocking the possibility of adding new and specific team members at any development phase. It can prove highly beneficial whenever you find yourself in a rut and can’t advance because of a lack of particular skills in your in-house team.

It expands your in-house infrastructure

Though most people see staff augmentation as a way of adding new members to a team, the reality is that you get more than that. A reputable staff augmentation provider won’t just put you in touch with engineering talent but also the proper infrastructure to support it. In other words, hiring staff augmentation services also means you’ll have new and valuable tools, platforms and resources at your disposal.

While it’s true that you might adopt those resources on your own, the reality is that nearshore staff augmentation will offer you a package of sorts: skilled engineers plus the latest tech for them to do their job. In terms of cost-effectiveness, there’s hardly a better option. And that’s without considering the know-how those external developers can bring to your table!

It speeds up your time to market

When you hire a nearshore staff augmentation provider, you’ll add key resources to your operations. This, in turn, will significantly enhance your development capabilities in terms of knowledge and skills and how much work you can do at any given time. Basically, you’ll be expanding your team with highly skilled professionals that can help you with a multitude of tasks, including attacking your backlog and developing new functionalities.

That added engineering power will directly impact how fast you can move forward with your digital projects. The expanded team will be able to do more in less time and without skimping on quality. This, in turn, will dramatically reduce the time it takes for your development products to be ready for your intended audience.

It fosters strong communication and collaboration

Working with people from an outside organization will put you in a position where you’ll have to develop robust communication and collaboration protocols and practices. In other words, you’ll have to devise a strategy that puts teamwork and fluid communication at the top of your priority list. Fortunately, the nearshore team can help you with that.

Given that nearshore staff augmentation companies are used to working remotely with companies from different industries and backgrounds, they can share their knowledge and expertise on the best practices for communicating and collaborating. That way, your team will have the chance to learn new ways to align goals, discuss tasks, and achieve success strategically.

It makes the software development process more cost-effective

Some business executives shy away from outsourcing in general because they feel like they might end up being locked into a relationship with an external provider. While the risk is certainly there, there’s more to be earned from such an engagement. Suppose you consider all the benefits of nearshore staff augmentation and understand that the external developers will help your in-house team evolve. In that case, you’ll see that staff augmentation can be an investment.

In fact, a closer look at the numbers involved in an arrangement with an external provider of this kind will show you that the software development process becomes more cost-effective. You’ll overcome obstacles more easily, reduce the time to market, provide your in-house team with extra know-how, and develop your internal practices into a more robust form.

Is nearshore staff augmentation the right choice for you?

There are many situations where nearshore staff augmentation can be the best solution for your needs. You might lack the specialized talent to make your projects a reality. You may have to accelerate your development to meet a tight deadline, or you might want an external perspective to elevate the quality of your final product. Maybe you need a highly skilled professional to guide your team through certain pitfalls.


As flexible as nearshore staff augmentation is, the practice isn’t necessarily the best fit for all projects or companies. How can you be sure if it’s the right choice for you? There’s no real way of knowing that in advance, so the safest move you can make is to contact Code Power and tell us about your needs. We have years of cross-industry experience filling the talent gaps of development teams everywhere.


We can assess your digital projects, understand requirements, and find the right engineers to empower your team. What’s more, we can lay the groundwork to establish a valuable partnership to bring your tech projects to the next level.