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Should You Outsource the Management of Your Digital Projects?

Deciding whether or not to outsource digital project management might be challenging. Before making a decision, let's assess how it may affect your business. Here's everything you need to know about outsourcing the management of digital projects.
Daniel Zacharias

Mike Maschwitz

March 10, 2023
digital project management outsourcing

Let’s be honest: managing digital projects is overwhelming. In my experience as a full-stack marketing professional, I dealt with resource organization, strategy development, expense supervision, tech definition, and much more. And I can tell you, doing all that can get pretty daunting at times. 

The thing is that digital projects require time and dedication, and doing everything by yourself can quickly become impossible. That’s where outsourcing the management of your digital projects can provide the stability and reliability you need to succeed.

What is digital project management outsourcing?

Outsourcing is an employment technique in which a company hires team members from another organization to perform specific tasks for the hiring company.

When it comes to digital project management outsourcing, it’s all about employing project managers (PMs) to plan, supervise, and deliver digital projects for your business.

This approach has gained traction in recent years, and predictions say it will continue to grow at more than 9% per year up to 2030. As expected, software development outsourcing (which can entail digital project management, among other tasks) is one of the major contributors to this growth.

Should you follow the trend as well?

Let’s see.

When to outsource the management of digital projects?

Here are a few scenarios where you might want to consider outsourcing the management of your digital projects.

  • Inadequate size of a team – if you need to assign more team members to ongoing or potential digital projects.
  • Lack of highly skilled talent – when the nature of the project requires specialist knowledge that you don’t have within your team.
  • Business model decision – if it’s more cost-effective for your company to find collaborators who provide digital project management services on a per-project basis rather than hire full-time in-house managers.

Benefits of outsourcing digital project management 

Highly experienced professionals

Digital project management implies a combination of multiple complex tasks that require extensive knowledge, great attention to detail, and the capacity to plan and oversee various project aspects.

Hiring a company with experienced professionals ensures that skilled and proactive project managers will work on your project. This way, you can relax knowing that fully dedicated professionals are in charge.

Better productivity and efficiency

An experienced outsourced manager properly executes and handles your projects, allowing your business to reach its goals faster. With one massive task less on your to-do list, it’s much easier to concentrate on closing deals and developing new exciting solutions for your clients. 

Furthermore, working with an experienced manager gives you access to professional management tools and techniques that support efficient performance. A proper manager will optimize the workload to ensure the team can handle new tasks efficiently. Thus, you’ll save time and money while achieving outstanding results.

Constant support

In business, there will always be some types of challenges. Since outsourcing companies interact with various organizations, they know who else can assist you with specific issues. As a result, you expand your network and always have skilled people who can help and support you.

Hiring an outsourcing tech company gives you access to professionals and support tailored precisely to your needs.

Accelerated development and team adjustments

Outsourcing development allows you to deploy solutions and optimize your workflow quickly. This especially proves useful when your company needs more team members on specific projects, as outside partners can swiftly get on board and start working.

Rapid development and team adjustments also eliminate the need to hire and train new staff members whenever you introduce a new solution or approach. This way, you reduce costs while allowing your business to be highly adaptable and scalable.

Cost-effective, high-quality service

By outsourcing the management of your digital projects, you can invest more resources in the most vital business operations. More precisely, outsourcing can reduce employment costs by up to 90%

The benefit is clear – just consider the costs of finding a highly qualified expert, especially someone proficient in software development and project management. Moreover, you’ll have to pay expensive license fees if your project requires technologies you don’t already have.

On the other hand, digital project management outsourcing provides you with cost-effective, high-quality solutions. It gives you access to cutting-edge technology and knowledgeable specialists without requiring you to buy licenses or additional software and equipment.

Invest in the right collaborations

Challenges are an inevitable part of running a business. This is also true when outsourcing digital project management.

The external manager may have difficulty working with the in-house team members or might not be fully committed to all areas of the project. However, this doesn’t imply that outsourcing won’t ever be successful. It only means it may be necessary to take the initiative to acquire the team’s trust or to define the project’s expectations and goals clearly.

When weighing your options, promote open communication and make sure you’re partnering with reliable vendors. Additionally, confirm that the potential collaborator matches your business culture and that outsourcing enables all digital projects to align successfully with your organizational strategy.

Finally, it all comes down to placing the right individuals in charge of your projects so that you can enjoy consistent and sustainable growth.

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