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Top 10 React Development Tools

This article looks at the ten best React development tools to help you leverage your work and projects. Would you add anything to the list?
Daniel Zacharias

Daniel Zacharias

October 4, 2022
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Whether you are a software developer or in the tech industry in general, you’ve probably heard of React. It is a widely used open-source JavaScript front-end library for UI development.

React’s enormous popularity comes from its predefined web components that enable quick and straightforward web app creation. Also, it provides elements you can use multiple times within a project, thus significantly enhancing productivity.

Furthermore, there are many React development tools that improve development processes while shortening time-to-market, making React an even more compelling platform. Let’s take a deeper look at those!

What are React development tools?

React development tools are libraries, frameworks, and extensions that make React development processes easier. More precisely, such tools are essential for successfully creating, maintaining, testing, and launching websites and applications. With many companies searching for ways to reduce software development costs and time, React dev tools emerge as a tempting aid.

They provide clean, stable programs that are free of errors and redundancy, ensuring better outcomes.

How can you benefit from React development tools?

Several ways React dev tools help developers and businesses advance front-end development include:

  • Assisting in writing code quickly and effectively.
  • Making application examination and debugging simpler.
  • Allowing for rapid assessment of the primary React components rendered for a page.
  • Promptly identifying the problems so developers can fix them before releasing the final product

10 Best React development tools

So, what are the “top picks” for these tools? Here is a quick list of the top ten React development tools you should know about:

1. Reactide

Reactide is a web application IDE (Interactive Development Environment) that runs on multiple platforms. It includes many useful functions, such as rendering the entire project when a single JSX file is opened in the browser. Reactide has a customized browser simulator, and Node Server merged, thus reducing your reliance on server configurations and making your work easier.


  • Component visualization
  • Streamlined configuration
  • Compatible terminal for workflows and commands

2. React Cosmos

React Cosmos is a “full service” if you’re looking for a React UI design tool. It looks through the components and allows you to render the elements with any combination of state, setting, and props. It successfully supports end-to-end React development regardless of project size and complexity. You may use this tool to interact with each element, improve its design, and watch your application develop in real time.


  • Component library
  • Laser focus
  • Long haul design plan

3. Storybook

Storybook helps you create isolated React components and pages. You may experiment with new designs and features without worrying that they would negatively impact the rest of the app. When a component meets your expectations, simply (and safely) incorporate it into your solution.


  • Open-source
  • Increased speed
  • Built-in filters that prevent alteration
  • No setup required

4. BIT

BIT is one of the most powerful React development tools used in applications and systems that rely on components. You might think of it as a third-party platform for React components where you can browse for a particular solution that best suits your needs. In addition, BIT lets you build components outside the application. This feature makes it simpler to add or delete elements from the program to change or expand their functions.


  • Make your components discoverable
  • Quick extension and integration
  • Simple to pick components
  • Not limited by language

5. Evergreen

If you want to create cutting-edge apps, consider using React Evergreen. It’s a versatile and user-friendly front-end framework with a collection of React components. Evergreen’s primary goal is to help you develop programs with smart default settings that anticipate and predict changing future requirements in design. Hence, it’s perfect for large-scale projects and user interfaces that prioritize aesthetics.


  • Best in aesthetics
  • Simple execution
  • Exceptional documentation
  • Flexible & adaptable

6. React Sight

React Sight lets you visualize your apps using a live, part-progressive system tree structure. It enables a high-level project perspective and serves as a React debugging tool. Therefore, this tool provides a comprehensive view of the program structure and identifies the flaws. This double function makes Sight a must-have for your next project.


  • Open-source
  • Improves speed
  • No setup is required
  • Built-in filters that prevent alteration

7. Rekit

Rekit is a comprehensive tool created especially for building scalable web applications. So, if that is your aim, Rekit should be in your React development tools arsenal. It follows the one action per file pattern, which guarantees application logic is adequately categorized and decoupled. Furthermore, Rekit enables developers to focus on business concepts rather than elaborate libraries, setups, and frameworks. 


  • Feature-oriented architecture 
  • Smart code and folder organizing
  • Simple and scalable solutions

8. React Proto

React Proto is an outstanding tool for React prototyping. It offers a visual interface for creating an application architecture from scratch. You may specify props and states and establish a component hierarchy. Additionally, you can modify the forms and props using drag-and-drop features rather than writing lines after lines of code. Then, your architecture can serve as a starting template, or you can import it as application files into an existing project.


  • Quick prototyping
  • Simple drag-and-drop features
  • Export files

9. CodeSandbox

With the help of CodeSandbox, you can easily create and share applications utilizing different languages and frameworks. A live mode in this outstanding online code editor enables in-the-moment collaboration. Therefore, you can view the files your coworkers are working on with this tool, thus enhancing overall effectiveness and productivity.


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Live collaboration
  • Static file facilitating

10. React Bootstrap

Many CSS frameworks are available nowadays, but this is the most popular one you’ll come across. Bootstrap allows you to leverage numerous CSS and JavaScript functions to create great user interfaces. You can use Bootstrap directly on components in your React app by applying the built-in classes like any other class. As a result, you can effectively utilize Bootstrap elements and enjoy its lightweight and customizable features.


  • Accessible by default
  • Bootstrap at its core
  • Quick design of prototypes


Here, we come to the end of our list of the best React development tools. All the aforementioned tools range from comprehensive editors to libraries, making development processes easier and faster. From coding to testing and debugging – React dev tools got your back.

Given their perfectly tailored technologies, the right choices greatly accelerate development and enhance code quality, hence benefiting your expertise and setting your projects for success. Be sure to check them out before your next React development journey begins!

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