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Why Choose Unity3D? A Deep Dive into its Features and Components

Curious to know what it is and what new mind-blowing games you can develop with it? Let's just say Pokemon Go, Among Us, Hollow Knight, and Death's Door are just a few that popped out of this "3D game-changing factory".
Daniel Zacharias

Code Power Team

October 19, 2023

Imagine this: One platform, any device, breathtaking graphics, and simplified scripting. A game developer’s dream come true, right?

Can you guess the name? 

I’ll give you a hint — It’s a version of Unity most of the VR industry has their hands on, making it an ultimate game development powerhouse of tomorrow. 

Curious to know what it is and what new mind-blowing games you can develop with it? 

Let’s just say Pokemon Go, Among Us, Hollow Knight, and Death’s Door are just a few that popped out of this “3D game-changing factory“.

Unity3D – The 3D game changer revolutionizing digital worlds

Unity3D — One name, millions of breathtaking game experiences, is a cross-platform game development engine, transcending from being just a mere game dev tool. It’s the developer’s imagination factory for reinventing the art of creating captivating games and interactive 3D content. 

With Unity3D, you’re not just coding, you’re crafting entire universes with characters ready for awe-inspiring journeys. At first glance, you’ll fall in love with Unity 3D, thanks to its asset store. It’ll be one of those love-at-first-dev-sight kinds of moments. 

Think of the store as a single location for accessing all game development tools and pre-built components. From complicated AI Systems to simple UI elements, Unity3D’s store has it all!

Why Unity3D? 

Why should I choose Unity3D when there are so many other game engines on the market?” you may wonder. 

Well, there are plenty of reasons, but I’ll give you a couple of key ones:

  • Great project adaptability
  • Unparalleled ease of use
  • Support for more than 25 platforms
  • Swift troubleshooting thanks to the massive online community 

Trust me, I know the feeling. It was mind-boggling for me too. Can one game development engine achieve all of that? I had to test it out!

Four Unity3D standout features explored

1. Uniting platforms

The best thing about Unity 3D —  Whether your focus is PC or console gaming, handheld devices like phones or tablets, virtual reality applications, or augmented reality experiences, Unity3D serves as your universal platform translator.

Let me sweeten the pot even more!

You aren’t authoring code individually for each platform. You develop it once and deploy it on whatever platform you desire with immense cross-reaching results. It’s like being given exclusive access to every candy store in town through one golden ticket.

Unity in diversity” suitably sums up Unity3D’s essence!

2. Crafting stunning visuals 

Fun Fact: Did you know that MuseoDabawenyo and Air Arts are some of the virtual museums where you can visit and watch history unfold, all thanks to the graphical power of Unity3D?

It’s all thanks to features such as: 

  • Vivid visuals — Thanks to Unity3D’s rendering engine producing cinematic quality visuals in high definition has never been easier.
  • Lifelike animations — Unity3D uses an advanced animation system that mimics real-life actions, making you wonder if you’re in the Matrix or not.
  • Dynamic particle system — Unity3D secret weapon! Effects, such as water, smoke, or fire, are built to move and interact in real time, thanks to the particle system running in the background.
  • Immersive VR/AR graphics — Unity3D has become the go-to development place for any VR/AR game on the market. Mine Souls III, Backrooms, and BeatSaver to name a few.
  • Terrains that scale — Creating beautiful open-world environments densely filled with intricate details is no more a premium feature only available in sophisticated game dev engines. Power to the developers and open worlds to the gamers, I say! 

With all these graphical features and capabilities, makes you wonder: Is Unity3D better than Unreal Engine

3. Simplicity in scripting 

Unity3D is more than just another game development platform. Using C# as its scripting language, it transforms the entire gaming experience.

C# practically directs and refines the game’s digital fingerprint by acting as the main controller within Unity3D. Its easily understandable syntax and wide range of library tools enable a neater, shorter, and highly effective approach to scriptwriting

It shortens the length of prototyping and iterations ten times, pushing epic games quicker to markets.

Here’s where it gets juicer: C# not only speeds up the development stage but also provides improved performance through strong-type language features, garbage collection, and support for asynchronous programming.  

Unity3D and C# — a perfect performance couple made for delivering engaging game experiences!

4. Streamlining game assets 

Every game developer knows balancing assets is like juggling flaming swords, but Unity3D turns it into child’s play. 

How? It’s thanks to Unity3D’s asset workflow!

Importing assets from different 3D applications like Blender, Maya, or 3D Studio Max turns effortless. Even if you have all kinds of JPEG, PNG, or Photoshop files, it doesn’t matter, Unity3D has it covered.

Being in full control of these assets is what sets Unity3D apart. 

Manipulating, organizing, and optimizing the assets directly within the engine is no longer a Sci-Fi novel but rather a modern-day game dev’s brief tasks before the coffee break.

3 Unity3D components you must master first

Unity3D has three pillars every game developer must master before they become the true master of game development. They are:

  1. Unity Editor — The Infinity Gauntlet of virtual worlds. At a click of a button (or a snap if you will), you shape entire game universes. But this development gauntlet isn’t all evil! It has more of a nicer, user-friendly side to it, for customizing game characters, designing scenes, and editing lighting effects, in a Thanos-kind of style. It’s the perfect balance of power and simplicity, a must-have tool for any average Marvel-enjoyer type of game developer. (I’m more of a DC dev, so…)
  2. Game objects and components — Remember playing with LEGO blocks? Well, game objects and components are similar tiny building blocks in Unity3D, allowing you to create anything imaginable. Simply select your desired game object, attach the appropriate components, and sit back and enjoy as it forms everything from sprinting space zombies to gentle floating leaves.
  3. Unity Asset Store — It’s like having Amazon but for game development at your fingertips! As a one-stop-shop marketplace, pick, download, and use any asset designed by thousands of other professionals around the world for FREE. Now, that’s real game development, if you ask me!

Unity3D – A new horizon for virtual worlds? 

If you’re looking for a wizard wearing a developer’s hat, making the impossible possible, look no further. It’s Unity3D!
It’s the versatile Swiss Army knife of game development, unlocking treasure troves of 3D content. With Unity3D, bringing your wildest ideas is possible and there are no limits to which your game-fantasy universe can expand.

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